Flowrate is just over 6 cfm, and they claim that you can air up a 33" tire in under a minute with this model. Ditch the elaborate wire loom designed an air locker and make your own two-wire-loom simply for the on/off switch. Also for: Ckmta24. Step 3. 1 1 Introduction 2 1.1 Pre-Installation Preparation 2 1.2 Tool-Kit Recommendations 2 2 Installing the Compressor 3 2.1 Installing the solenoid(s) 3 2.2 Installing the Pressure Switch 3 2.3 Assembling / Installing the Air Filter 3 2.4 Using an Air Filter Extension Tube (optional) 3 2.5 Mounting the Compressor 4 3 Connecting the Air System 7 3.1 Running and Securing the Air Line 7 A 12-volt air compressor (24 volt also available) engages the unit in approximately 1 second and can be engaged at any vehicle speed. ARB CKMA12 Installation Manual (26 pages) HIGH OUTPUT ON-BOARD AIR KIT Air Locker Air Activation System. CKMTA12 air compressor pdf manual download. Step-by-Step Installation of ARB Twin Onboard air Compressor on 5th Gen 4Runner with Switch-Pros Harness and M.O.R.E. Installation Notes: The ARB tire inflation kit comes with hardware to connect directly to the compressor. The harness that comes with the arb twin kit is about 6 feet long so unless you mount under the hood plan on extending the wires. 2. Place the air compressor on top of the mounting bracket. Several predrilled holes allow you to mount it in any position. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE ON-BOARD AIR SUPPLY. Additionally, it has a 100% duty cycle. I have been running the Smittybilt 5.7 Air Compressor for a little over a year now. Bracket. Please refer to your ARB Air Locker Operating & Service Manual for information on operating, servicing, driving technique, or trouble shooting your ARB Air Locker(s). They also make a 24 volt version. We have 2 ARB CKMA12 manuals available for free PDF download: Installation Manual, Manual . View and Download ARB CKMTA12 installation manual online. Use a 10mm socket and a 9/64” Allen wrench to tighten the bolt. This install guide takes into account one of the most challenging locations, which involves working with an ARB Twin compressor mounted in the engine bay. Install the Gusset to the Compressor mount in the tapered bolt location. HINT : Place a mark inside each of the F symbols as you complete each step. I have no complaints about it. To adjust the configuration of your compressor, use a 4mm allen wrench to loosen the 2 screws shown below. The ARB Air Locker is a unique air operated unit, for which the locking action is controlled by the driver with a push of a button inside the cab. Section 3: Installation Instructions Step 1: ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Kit Installation A. Install the ARB Twin Compressor to the compressor … this installation (see section 1.2 Tool-Kit Recommendations) and minimize vehicle down time. That compressor has been a workhorse for my tires as well as a few friends after a long day on the trail. Air-up time from 15 to 30 psi: ARB states that its compressor will fill up a 35x12.50x15-inch tire from 15 to 30 psi in 3 minutes even. B. Using a 10mm socket, the supplied hardware and backer plate, attach the ARB compressor to your mounting bracket. ARB also claims that for its compact size, there are no other compressors on the market with more output. The model number of the compressor is the ARB CKMTA12. Air Compressor; CKMA12; ARB CKMA12 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for ARB CKMA12. Mount ARB Air Compressor to Rago Mounting Bracket. 100% drive to each wheel when the unit is locked up. The Rago Fabrication Mounting Bracket was specifically designed to accommodate the ARB Twin Air Compressor but will hold the High Output compressor as well.