Illuminations with the theme of ‘Culture and Family’ will reflect on landmarks around the city and they’re totally free to see. The Sharjah Light Festival that puts Sharjah’s landmark buildings in the spotlight, with stunning video mapping on their façades will be held from February 6 to16. There are many exciting places to visit in Sharjah, especially now that there’s a new addition to the list! Just recently, the emirate opened Kalba Mall, which is near the Kalba Corniche and the Mangroves reserve, along with various government and university buildings. Faiz Favz . Sharjah Light Festival 2013 | By Shaban Ali Bin Muhammed. Wafi Light & Sound Show 2010. Stroke 'SHARJAH', videoprojection on the Al Hisn fort, museum, Sharjah Light festival, emirate Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Arabian peninsula, the Middle East, Asia, Theater Show Alliance Française. Louis Vuitton Trophy 2010. An annual festival illuminates Sharjah. Coronavirus (COVID-19) We are excited to announce that some areas of our tour are opening back up for The Lights Fest events. Things to do in Sharjah are limitless. Sharjah Light Festival 2013 | Phorographed By Shaban Ali Bin Muhmmed: Places & Events Sharjah UAE. Corporate Events . When the sun goes down in Sharjah, the ninth annual Festival of Light sees the emirate lit up until Saturday (16th February). Sharjah Light Festival 2015. The festival can be experienced by boat, by bike or on foot. Check out our works! Corporate Events . Every year, artists from all over the world create light artworks especially for the event. The Emirate of Sharjah (/ ˈ ʃ ɑːr dʒ ə /; Arabic: إِمَارَة ٱلشَّارِقَة ‎ Imārat Aš-Šāriqah) is one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates, which covers 2,590 square kilometres (1,000 sq mi) and has a population of over 1,400,000 (2015). Cultural Events . The Sharjah Lights Festival will be the venue, where the colours will combine to form a picture. admin • , • ... Facebook's logo makes so much sense now :) Faiz Favz | Kasaragod. In order to keep everyone safe, here are a few important things to know: 1.To ensure that social distancing guidelines can be followed, … Tigrelab is a Barcelona based studio with a long-standing experience in 2D and 3D animation, Motion Graphics and AV Projection Mapping. Whether you wander and wonder at the Sharjah Light Festival, find your next great read at the Sharjah Book Fair or surf the dunes on a desert safari, the UAE’s third largest emirate has something for everyone. Situated along the Kalba Waterfront, the mall features a spectacular view — […] World Air Games Logo Reveal 2015. Big city, bright lights. Cultural Events ... Sharjah Light Festival 2011. The animal kingdom gets World Cup fever! Come explore all the Sharjah tourist places and things to see in Sharjah. Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival “Sharjah’s firm belief is in equipping future generations with determination, persistence, knowledge and culture.” Ahmed Al-Ameri, Chairman of Sharjah Book Authority Our yearly cultural celebration spreads the joy of learning, not only to the children it’s named after but to parents and adults too. Cultural Events . Sharjah Light Festival For 10 nights in February, Sharjah's landmark buildings get the full-colour treatment, lit up with animated dazzling displays projected onto their facades. In December and January, the city-centre lights up during Amsterdam Light Festival.