(©2013 World Vision/photo by Theodore Sam), Residents of Chaulia village return to take stock of damage after taking refuge in cyclone shelters. Chennai - Stay updated with latest & flash news, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Restaurants & Food, Events, Politics, Climate Updates, from Chennai, Tamil Nadu- Page 2013 See the latest Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India RealVue™ weather satellite map, showing a realistic view of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from space, as taken from weather satellites. W-NW movement cyclones are always rain filled cyclones unlike the pure west movement ones like Thane, Gaje or Vardah. Hurricanes occur in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific. A day later, microwave satellite imagery revealed a broad low-level circulation center (LLCC). This list was adopted by the World Meteorological … [48], ARB 01 made landfall in the northeastern Puntland region on November 9,[49] and dissipated by the 11th. Cyclone Helen - 2013 Severe cyclonic storm Helen was a relatively weak tropical cyclone that formed in the Bay of Bengal Region on November 18, 2013, from the remnants of Tropical Storm Podul. 2012 Nilam - landfall mahabs - Chennai 120 mm in 2 days ... Tamil Nadu is in Deficit with -23% rains till date and Chennai -52% with Cyclone moving inland, the regions which has missed rains till date particularly interiors will surely benefit a lot. 2013 Depression Wilma - Nagapattinam - Chennai 110 mm in 2 days. How can I help children and families in India? Cyclone Phailin was the largest storm to hit Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in 14 years. The official Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre in this basin is the India Meteorological Department (IMD), while the Joint Typhoon Warning Center releases unofficial advisories. During the next several days, BOB 05 moved westwards across the Arabian Sea as a convectionless low. 30,000 people were marooned as a result of the following severe floods in Kalapara Upazila. Kea Weather Station radar images. Early on May 16, the cyclone attained its peak intensity with winds of 85 km/h (50 mph) and a barometric pressure of 990 mbar (hPa; 29.18 inHg). East facing Webcam and Timelapse [78] The following day, the storm strengthened further, and the JTWC initiated advisories on the system, designating it as "06B". Ahead … Chennai Cyclones in Last 50 years (Nellore to Mahabs) (only NEM excluding May and SWM cyclones). [43] The JTWC issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert the same day, reporting that the depression was moving into an area favorable for further intensification. [3] The depression gained forward momentum and attained gale-force winds on May 11 and was designated as Cyclonic Storm Viyaru, the first named storm of the season. 3 January : First professional cricket match in the year 2013 and the 2nd ODI against Pakistan was played in the Eden Gardens , Kolkata in which India was defeated. Shortly before landfall, the storm's convection sheared to the north, causing its low level circulation to fully expose followed by the JTWC issuing its final bulletin, reporting that the storm had weakened due to land interaction. The tropical depression degenerated into a remnant low on October 6, as it crossed the 100th meridian on October 7. [27], The storm's precursor brought heavy rainfall to coastal Bangladesh. Tata Consumer Products 484.75 37.15. A total of 95,003 poorly constructed huts were damaged or destroyed, 17 people died, and nearly 1.3 million were affected across the country. On average, 4 to 6 storms form in this basin every season.[1]. Madi started losing all its convection to the strong wind shear. Rapid intensification ensued, and Phailin strengthened into a Very Severe Cyclonic storm on October 10, followed by the JTWC upgrading the storm to a strong Category 4 status. At 1500 UTC/10 a.m. EST, Tropical cyclone Madi was centered near 15.1 north latitude and 84.9 west longitude, about 295 nautical miles/339.5 miles/ 546.3 km east-northeast of Chennai… In 2017, India ranked fifth worldwide with 1.3 million people displaced due to hazards such as floods (caused by annual monsoons), heatwaves, and landslides. Cyclone Nilam was the deadliest tropical cyclone in India, Originating from an area of Bay of Bengal in South India. Cyclone Nilam – 2012. (13 - 17 November, 2013) CYCLONE WARNING DIVISION, NEW DELHI DECEMBER, 2013 . It is currently about 350 km away from Tamil Nadu capital Chennai, which has … ... 2013. More than two dozen fishermen went missing and almost all of them were rescued by the Coast Guard and police. As per the figures from the Chennai Municipal Corporation, there are 4,000 people affected and moved to 64 relief camps across North Chennai. In Little Andaman, more than 2000 people were evacuated and kept in Onge-tikrey community hall there. At least four people died and six others were reported missing. Tropical cyclone Lehar, located in the Bay of Bengal, continues to gain intensity while heading toward the same area of India where a much weaker tropical cyclone Helen recently came ashore. [19][20] Losses to crops exceeded ৳2.75 billion (US$35.3 million). [32] Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh received 500 mm (20 in) of rainfall in 72 hours. At that time, Helen was located near 16.2 north latitude and 81.0 east longitude, about 193 nautical miles/222.1 miles/ 357.4 km north-northeast of Chennai, India. Owing to adverse atmospheric conditio… During June 1, the south-west monsoon set in over Kerala, the Maldives and parts of the south and central Arabian Sea. A monsoonal low pressure area formed over the Bay of Bengal on August 16. A total of 11 deaths were reported in incidents related to the cyclone.[68][69]. [88] On December 9, the IMD reported that Madi had weakened into a Severe Cyclonic storm. A low pressure area formed over the South China Sea on November 18. [96] Overnight, Madi weakened further into a depression[97] and crossed the Tamil Nadu coast close to Vedaranyam around 1330 UTC on December 12, 2013. On November 8, the remnants of Tropical Depression 30W (Wilma) crossed the Malay Peninsula, and emerged into the eastern Bay of Bengal. Explore frequently asked questions about Cyclone Phailin, and learn how you can help children and families in India today. Cyclone Vardah moved west over the Bay of Bengal before hitting Chennai, capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, as well as neighboring Andhra Pradesh, the … [18] Striking Bangladesh in a weaker state than initially expected, damage was moderate to severe. Mayiladuthurai, a town in Nagapattinam district, experienced the highest rainfall, amounting to 220 mm. Indian sub-continent is the worst affected region of the world, having a … [59] Later on the same day, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) upgraded the storm to a depression, classifying it as BOB 06,[60] followed by the JTWC reporting that the storm had reached Tropical Storm strength. Later, the remnants of BOB 05 redeveloped a small amount of convection, while continuing to moved westwards. [55] On November 16, BOB 05 made landfall near Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, and the system quickly began to weaken. [54] Shortly before landfall, the system weakened due to land interaction, and the JTWC issued its final warning. Cyclonic Storm Helen formed in the Bay of Bengal Region and affected Andhra Pradesh. The wind speeds around the depression in the Bay of Bengal have been gradually picking up speed from 35 km/hr on Thursday and may hit 80-90 km/hr on Sunday. Cyclone Phailin killed 23 people and affected about 9 million residents. [4][6] Owing to adverse atmospheric conditions, the depression struggled to maintain organized convection as it moved closer to eastern India. [12][13] In preparation for the storm, large-scale evacuations were recommended for parts of Myanmar. Cyclone in Chennai News and Updates from The Economictimes.com. CHENNAI: Phailin, the cyclone threatening Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast, was named by Thailand.Phailin, which means sapphire in Thai, is the last of the … [86] With this, the IMD upgraded Madi to a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm, the third in 2013. Key Chennai reservoir opened With crops inundated for several days, the farmers long for the government compensation. The season had no official bounds, but cyclones typically formed between May and December, with the peak from October to November. [58], Late on November 17, the remnant energy of Tropical Storm Podul contributed to the development of a trough over the Bay of Bengal, located near the Andaman Islands.
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