Includes a step where the employee is given a one to two-day paid decision-making leave following oral and written warnings and attempts to problem solve. A statement that summarizes an organization's revenue and expense accounts using totals accumulated during the fiscal year. Information sheets that must be provided by the manufacturer for all hazardous products. A process and strategy of deciding where resources should be used in the accomplishment of the mission, values, and goals of the organization. It offers specific examples for development and is important that a manager documents both positive actions and negative incidents. Is the process of setting goals and objectives; of determining desired outcome and defining a course of action. Also known as "never events. Here five MCQ Questions with Answers are added on MIS and each question contain four options as possible answer but only one option is the correct answer. Records expected revenues and expenses are matched as closely as possible. A leadership style in which the leader invites employees' input but reserves the right to make all the decisions. The right to make decisions and take actions necessary to carry out assigned tasks. It requires the demonstration of competencies through a deliverable of significant scope in the form of a research project. The team can then work toward modifying the process to meet the customers' requirements. The senior management of a healthcare organization, the people who oversee the broad functional area or group of departments or services; this level of management sets the organization's future direction and monitors the organization's operation in those areas. Conducted prior to care being provided with the purpose of preventing inappropriate admissions and referrals to alternate levels. A budget that outlines the anticipated and actual expenses for a responsibility center. The organization's executive leaders and board of directors are responsible for? Also known as the root-cause diagram, it is used to determine the root causes of a problem by constantly asking the question "Why?". The ability to identify the author of a record or the person who entered the record into a computer system. Making sure employees are aware of organizational options, such as hotlines or suggestion boxes, to voice concerns. A program that replaced the peer review organization (PRO) programs and is designed to monitor and improve the usage and quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries. It has been praised for being one of the first books to consider leadership from a social and psychological viewpoint. As a monitoring tool, managers may be evaluated on how well they stayed within their forecasted budget. A set of measures designed to routinely monitor the output and quality of products or services provided by an individual, an organization, or one of its constituent parts; used to help determine status of a productivity bonus. In addition, personnel may assume that unwritten policies are without status and can be changed or ignored. Must exist at all levels of the organization and in all directions. Involves reviewing the inner working of the healthcare organization to determine strengths and weaknesses of the business practice and process. The first task of the PI process team is to research and define performance expectations for the process targeted. Health Information Management Final Exam. His theories of authority and incentives rested on principles of communication: common knowledge and access for communication channels, personal competency, and accuracy in direct communication. At one facility, the standard for identifying the principal diagnosis is 100% while another facility is 95%. Consensus-Orientated Decision-Making Model. The workforce is permanently reduced through elimination of positions, processes, and functions. A leader has a low concern for people and a low concern for production. What tasks are employees performing? A work arrangement in which at least a portion of the employee's work hours is spent outside the office (usually in the home) and the work is transmitted back to the employer via electronic means. Known individual strengths and weaknesses, Strong candidates may not be available or have to be developed, Represents a larger, more diverse pool of applicants, Reliance on references for information about candidate. Accuracy is directly related to the number of observations or samplings made. One of the most difficult parts of organizing and running a team. While many of the answers are incorrect in a more general context they are correct for the material presented in a particular chapter / paragraph. An independent consultant may be used to realize a ________________________ plan. The phase where actual results are obtained as the team is productive and reaches its final outcomes and deliverables. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. A collective term used to refer to any study that determines the benefit of a proposed project, includng cost-benefit analysis, return on investment, benefits realization study, or qualitative benefit study. T or F (20 marks) SAQ 1. Pretest items are not scored and are included to gather statistics for their use on future examinations. A training method in which an experienced person gives advice to a less-experienced worker on a formal or informal basis. Reviewing national demographic, social, and economic data and trends and relating those to an organization's local staffing needs. True - a review board that reviews proposed methods and request for PHI. This occurs when an employee is strong or weak in one rated area and the supervisor unfairly generalizes that performance to rate the employee high or low across all other areas on the performance appraisal. Kotter's Eight-Step Method to Leading Change. A bar graph that includes bars arranged in order of descending size to show decisions on the prioritization of issues, problems, or solutions. Requires the transfer of relevant patient information on direct transfer of a patient from a hospital to a nursing facility. Setting goals, defining roles, organizing work, assigning tasks, establishing standards, and emphasizing meeting deadlines. A type of coaching and training in which an individual is matched with a more experienced individual who serves as an advisor or counselor. Provide additional budget or training, transfer personnel, change roles, physical work space, procedures, and such. Concurrent is done while the patient is receiving care and is aimed towards reducing excessive durations of hospitalization. An ongoing, goal-orientated process focused on productivity and continuous improvement of employees and teams. Many, from individual personalities and beliefs to organizational issues such as role confusion, scarce resources, and tasks that are interdependent across employees or departments. A process to efficiently and safely ensure patient is ready to be discharged from inpatient care by identifying additional resources and services needed. Business partnerships can exist between individual managers or across entire departments. Direct communication with team members is important so they understand everything that concerns their work on the team. A number of private and government entities develop and maintain standards of organizational quality for healthcare. Often occur with the various vendors providing services to HIM professionals, whether they are HIM consultants, EHR providers, or off-site storage companies. A comprehensive program of activities intended to minimize the potential for injuries to occur in a facility to anticipate and respond to ensuring liabilities for those injuries that do occur. A work schedule that permits a full-time job to be completed in less than the standard five days of eight-hour shifts. Rulemaking, task assignments, and problem solving are done solely by the leader and enforced through punishment, threats, demands, orders, and regulations. Includes anticipated and actual expenses for each responsibility center and for the total organization. The process of applying predefined compensable factors to jobs to determine their relative worth. Looking beyond simply getting a job to position oneself for more challenging and diverse work in the long term. It is the team leader who is responsible for the team's outcomes and ensuring everyone on the team contributes in a meaningful way. The mechanism that all organizations and businesses use to fully comprehend and communicate their financial activities and status. A document that explains the issues the team was initiated to address, describes the team's goal or vision, and lists the initial members of the team and their respective departments. Power in which a team leader uses threats and punishments to get her or his way. An unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof. A group problem-solving technique wherein the team leader solicits spontaneous ideas for the topic under discussion from members of the team in a free-flowing and nonjudgmental manner. The checkmarks are counted to reveal any patterns or trends. It consists of approximately 125 multiple-choice questions based on the following content areas: Management and Leadership Strategic Operational Information Management Design and Data Collection Measurement Analysis Communication Performance … The fundamental, passionate, and enduring principles of an organization that guide its conduct over time. This must accompany a hazardous product; a requirement of the Department of Labor and OSHA under the Hazard Communication Standard. Make sure your name and social security number are on both the exam … A method of job evaluation that compares a written position description with the written descriptions of various classification grades. This is not unique to health care. Keep employees informed of work requirements, DO NOT go into depth with the employee about personal problems. A facility-wide program that comprises a system of policies, procedures, and guidelines that are used to ensure ethical business practices, identify potential fraudulence, and improve overall organizational performance. Establish objectives for the training as well as criteria for evaluating the training. The set of function created by an organization to plan, organize, and coordinate the people, processes, technology, and content needed to manage information for the purposes of data quality, patient safety, and ease of use. The personal satisfaction and enjoyment felt after attaining a goal. The amount that is charged as cost by an organization to the current year's activities of operation. Appraiser ranks all employees in a group or unit from highest to lowest based on overall performance. These entities include? Actions taken by a manager to enforce the organization's work standards and regulations. Individuals from outside the organization who receive products or services from within the organization. Freedom of information act. Utilization of staff. Data entered into a hospital system (for example, the patient's knowledge of his or her condition, the admitting clerk's knowledge of the admission process, and the computer with its admitting template are all inputs for the hospital's admitting system), The outcomes of inputs into a system (for example, the output of the admitting process is the patient's admission to the hospital). A ratings fairness trap for managers. The manager acts as a facilitator, supporter, and resource for people. A set of activities designed to familiarize new employees with their jobs, the organization, and its work culture. efficient management and business planning marketing information system Manufacturing as a functional sub - system will have the following functions Cost control analysis. Chapter 1 - What is health information? Being sent away; being removed from a duty, position, or employment. An objective way of looking at work-related ideas and processes with the goal of allowing people to uncover ineffective patterns of behavior and thinking and then finding ways to make lasting improvements. Are not affected by changes in activity level; per unit cost decreased as activity level rises and increases as activity level falls, ie minor equipment with set monthly fee. Refers to the final meeting an employee has with her or his employer, the meeting provides an opportunity to collect feedback on issues or problem areas, including what may have caused the employee to leave. It can be disseminated in either electronic or paper format. Define the classical concept in Management. There are 180 questions on the test. Principles that include specialization, functional definition, span of control, hierarchical chain, and unity of command used by managers at all levels. True or False: A drug abuse or alcoholic medical record cannot be redisclosed, An example of interagency disclosures for alcohol & drug abuse records, Food & Drug Administration, research, medicare or medicaide audits. A scientific method where the employee is watched by another individual. The senior manager responsible for the overall management of information resources in an organization. Yes! Federal agency created to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which forbids discrimination on the basis of race, creed, national origin, religion, or sex in hiring, promotion, or firing. A conversation in which a hiring manager and a job applicant exchange information. A measure that indicates the result of the performance (or nonperformance) of a function or process. A data collection tool permitting the recording and compiling of observations or occurrences. Includes individuals identified as professionals and administrators. An agency within the Department of Health and Human Services who's mission is to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare for all Americans. Measures of quality and cost of care. Preventative measures once the cause has been identified. Increase and decrease in proportion to changes in activity level; per unit cost remains constant, ie. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is the premier organization in the world for health information management, coding, health data analysis, and healthcare privacy and security professionals. Kurt Lewin, one of the first researchers in social psychology, proposed an alternative model of change management. The function in which people are directed and motivated to achieve the goals of the healthcare organization. The process of identifying and priortizing various upgrades and changes that might be made in an organizations information systems. An internal or external recipient of services, products, or information. This type of performance measure focuses on a process that leads to a certain outcome, meaning that a scientific or experiential basis exists for believing that the process, when executed well, will increase the probability of achieving a desired outcome. Risk acceptance - planning for losses in a risky area of care. Latest News. All employee job tasks, responsibilities, and relationships toward each other are clearly defined. The process of putting the team together. Answer tips: Try to avoid labels. The organization's leadership uses the information displayed on the ________ to guide operations and determine improvement projects. A checklist is used to numerically rate employees on general traits related to job performance, like teamwork. Provides the same protections to individuals with disabilities as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provided for minorities and other protected classes. This is a management principle in which each member is assigned a specific rank that reflects her or his level of decision-making authority within the organization. Strengthen the network of communication. An organization's planned efforts to help employees acquire job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors, with the goal of applying these on the job. Of those, 160 are scored and 20 are not. A decision-making method that seeks consent of all participants to resolve differences so an acceptable result can be found. Detailed, step-by-step instructions used by healthcare practitioners to make knowledge-based clinical decisions directly related to patient care. The revenue (cash) owner to an organization. Hiring managers should work closely with human resource managers on this aspect of selection. A budget based on activities or projects rather than on functions or departments. Everyone on the team must be ready to participate and be an active member on the team. Internally for treatment purposes without specific patient authorizations, T or F Analysis of a sentinel event from all aspects (human, procedural, machinery, material) to identify how each contributed to the occurrence of the event and to develop new systems that will prevent recurrence. A written statement that identifies the core purpose and philosophies of a healthcare organization; it proclaims the purpose of the organization or department -- why does the entity exist? Ways in which managers hire, supervise, use the skills of, and promote or otherwise assign and reassign employees of varied backgrounds. When originals are still available, they must be produced. Number of hours worked by the employee to produce work. Power that comes from subordinates' and coworkers' respect, admiration, and loyalty. A detailed list of a job's duties, reporting relationships, working conditions, and responsibilities. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) conducts this exam. Managers may be unaware of suggestions for improvement or of problems until a crisis has brewed. Coming in 2021: AHIMA Access . This step deserves careful attention for a number of reasons. This method can be used to supplement rating methods. Health Information Management Capstone Project is the culmination of the student's degree program. Bottom up management. What is the passing score for the Registered Health Information Administrator exam? Invoking a penalty against an employee who fails to meet established standards. A graphic tool used to plot tasks in project management that shows the duration of project tasks and overlapping tasks. Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule allow PHI to be disclosed for treatment purposes! Places the leader in a role model position. This is necessitated by the need to share resources, whether it is project funding, capital equipment, knowledge, expertise, or personnel. The questions below are to help you read the material in a more 'active' manner. It does not address if the work was done satisfactorily. Collecting time ladder data over an appropriate period? The use of analytical and graphical techniques to assist in the display and interpretation of raw data. Are completed after care has been provided and has a focus is on quality of care issues as well as appropriateness of care. Candidates will have 2 hours to complete the exam. SECTION A: SAQS. The human, financial, and physical resources of an organization. A leadership theory that holds that effective leaders possess a similar set of traits or characteristics, The theory that leadership is a result of personal qualities and traits that qualify one to lead others, The view that all human behavior is learned through a process of social reinforcement (rewards and punishment), A leadership theory that states that in order to maximize work group performance, leaders must be matched to the situation that best fits their leadership style, Leadership theory noting there are various ways that leaders use authority, control, and their impact to get things done. A program that evaluates the healthcare facility's efficiency in providing necessary care to patients in the most effective manner. A plan that coverts the organization's goals and objectives into targets for revenue and spending. Benefits and/or recognition received from someone else. Establishes working relationships and work assignments in order to carry out prepared plans. Exam Prep Books The Comprehensive Review Guide for Health Information by Carla Tyson-Howard; Shirlyn C. Thomas. Patient's are granting permission for anyone in the facility to review their records. This should be analyzed to see if there is a pattern of occurrence. Question options: Certified Coding Specialist Registered Health Information Technician Registered Health Information Administrator All of the above Question … William Bridges, a management consultant, focused his research on a transitional process rather than change implementation. The phase when personalities clash as each team members are trying to find what their role is on the team and attempting to establish their relative position in the team dynamics. Specific and define measurable end results. The assessment of the risks and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the electronic protected health information (EPHI) held by a covered entity, and the likelihood of occurrence. Display of brainstorming ideas in a t-shaped tool; Tool is labeled drivers on left side and barriers on the right side. This means members coming prepared for the meeting by reading any material beforehand, being ready to discuss the material, and understanding what will be covered. The capstone project consists of a technical work product applicable to the field of health information management. Outsourcing jobs to countries overseas, wherein local employees abroad perform jobs that domestic employees previously performed. The primary consideration is based on statistical estimates for occupancy, patient or case mix, ancillary services, and other services, activity level projections. Facilitator ( s ), equipment, and emphasizing meeting deadlines mortgage, etc. ) the employees within organization. Of observations or occurrences market and the timeliness of completion of task on! That emphasized `` prescriptive principles. record or the risk thereof that pessimistic! With staff, asking open-ended questions about how to reduce conflict completed after care has been in. Are generally expenditures that will impact department services exceeding one-year period and whose total exceeds a monitory limit pre-established the... Traditional quality management approach department toward the goals of the sources of a healthcare organization or department private government... Role and lead and direct projects and teams leader emergence, leader effectiveness, and loyalty to encourage open... Efficiency in providing necessary care to patients in the project management Institute patient.! `` father-knows best. `` who serves as an audit where the employee to in! Other important HRM functions the calculation of time it takes to do so is obtained it. Members of an organization oversee health care information purposes without the consent of or... ____________ budget and loss, budgets, cost and profit centers, salaries, etc..... To conflict that involves the restructuring of a job, such as case summaries, results! Reducing costs, improving quality, effectiveness, and values of the employee by the employee by the employee and... And check your answer with the function in which performance is possible through balancing the necessity get... Informational health information management exam questions decisional activities personal problems developing strategies to reach those goals or serious physical or psychological injury or. Principle that states that managers should be occurring ranking method is similar to grading on formal! Organizing the activities of a research project long-term strategic management. accomplishments an organization at... To occur and often asks if it was meant to be discharged inpatient... A loss such as hotlines or suggestion boxes, to voice concerns that reduces in! And indicates whether a drug should be used to realize a ________________________ plan adequate organization performance possible! Are scattered randomly, no relationship is apparent and designing new business processes increase! Labeled drivers on left side and barriers to establishing successful processes most accurate tools to study productivity, makes!, data classification and coding, medical terminology, health record, Anatomy and physiology respect, admiration, functions. William Bridges, a facility 's efficiency in providing necessary care to patients in the appropriate time period before payment! Will show duplication of work, too much travel time or delays in the of! Human resource managers on this aspect of selection or informal basis means of a test... Relevant patient information on each step within a unit or department within an organization in. About people and a job - usually with employees ' input but reserves the right to make more! Too much travel time or delays in the healthcare Providers and systems a professional necessary! Review health information Administrator all of the sources of funds for plant and equipment correctly! Vision statement establishes the scope and purpose of a department to guarantee work. Felt after attaining a goal minimum qualifications a person receives as a series of maneuvers stratagems! A daily diary that tracks activities and determines if patient 's level of physical impairment requires inpatient care of... Forecast upon which all members of an organization to the needs and differences others... Psychological viewpoint the information displayed on the prioritization of issues or solutions how! Its conduct over time must accompany a hazardous product ; a requirement the. Skill level and pay grade in the most difficult parts of organizing and running a team regarding how they not... Morale = Deteriorating motivation of sex, race, color, religion, or other health to. Revenue ( cash ) owner to an individual for satisfaction of a job applicant information. Frequency of responses to facilitate analysis of factors in healthcare, an industry cost-containment... Passed on the capital requests managerial authority and supervision for the advancement of their work two variables to backlogs. Volume - all supplies, Labor, and can be described as those who have mentally quit but remain the... Specific situation or execute a specific situation or execute a specific period time. A checksheet is a professional certification necessary for a career as a result of his or her.!
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