If you intend to work for a company that operates commercial motor vehicles (CMV), you may have to earn a commercial driver's license (CDL) as required by the state of California and the federal government. Our policy is available in all states in the U.S., except for those rides originating in New York City with a TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) driver. Some of the vehicles that may require a California commercial driver's license include: In addition to obtaining a Class A, B, or C CDL, you may also be required to apply for an endorsement to operate some vehicles. The steps to becoming a driver include a review of your H-6 form (driving record form from the DMV), a fingerprint background check, a drug test, and a one-day course on effective driving. } else if(formElement.attachEvent){ "),a=0;a 0) { At your appointment, which will be held at the Taxi Window at 1 South Van Ness, 7th floor,you will need to pass a short-written exam in order to receive your Taxi Driver Permit (A-Card). jsTimeInput.setAttribute("name", "tfa_dbElapsedJsTime"); }); Submitting a driver's history report. Check out insurance companies to find affordable insurance. Virtual Open House for the Tenderloin Quick-Build Projects. They also provide a list of fees associated with applying for each type of certificate. You are supporting your local taxi drivers by using their service. Some basic requirements you might expect can include: Meeting the minimum age requirement. With experience, you may move into managerial or other related jobs such as dispatchers, driving instructors or inspectors. formTimeDiff += cumulatedTime; "hidden":"visible")}"addEventListener"in document&&o&&document.addEventListener(o,t,!1)}t.exports=r;var i,o,a;"undefined"!=typeof document.hidden? Be aware that the TLC runs a fingerprint criminal background check. if (null !== cumulatedTimeElement) { If you have a concern about either your driver abstract or criminal record report, you should submit an application to the Taxi Office before attempting the English language testing. formElement = document.getElementById("0"); Note that driver’s permits issued to taxi drivers are valid for up to 3 years in Nevada as long as the taxi driver is employed at the same company. (p[l]("DOMContentLoaded",o,!1),d[l]("load",r,!1)):(p[m]("onreadystatechange",i),d[m]("onload",r)),c("mark",["firstbyte",a.getLastTimestamp()],null,"api");var E=0},{}],"wrap-function":[function(e,t,n){function r(e){return! (i="msHidden",o="msvisibilitychange"):"undefined"!=typeof document.webkitHidden&&(i="webkitHidden",o="webkitvisibilitychange",a="webkitVisibilityState")},{}],6:[function(e,t,n){function r(e,t){var n=[],r="",o=0;for(r in e)i.call(e,r)&&(n[o]=t(r,e[r]),o+=1);return n}var i=Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty;t.exports=r},{}],7:[function(e,t,n){function r(e,t,n){t||(t=0),"undefined"==typeof n&&(n=e?e.length:0);for(var r=-1,i=n-t||0,o=Array(i<0?0:i);++r