Many people already use it for their iPhones but it works great for Sony cameras as well. Advanced Fast Hybrid Autofocus system. There are two reasons why mirrorless cameras have much shorter battery life. I personally like Gariz leather cases because they work well with a tripod because of the metal base. Here is a grip for the Sony A6400. Now, that’s not to say that all Sony prime lenses are small and light! In addition, using traditional leather camera straps and grips helps to give a bit more ‘soul’ to the distinctly computer-like feel of the Sony mirrorless cameras. For example, your rear LCD screen will get a lot of oil on it from being in contact with your fingers and face when looking through the EVF. They also make it easier to hold your camera away from your body. Starting with the fundamentals, there are so many brands of batteries and screen protectors, it can be very challenging to know whom to trust. Its audio quality and performance is often compared to the wildly popular Rode VideoMic Pro+, but the Takstar SGC-598 retails for only a fraction of the price of the Rode VideoMic Pro+. It’s not a bad case for the price and does its job. Meike MK-A6300 Battery Grip For The A6000. On my old one, the zipper for the laptop eventually broke so I upgraded. The Sony Grip Extension is a simple (albeit overpriced!) Over time they will fade and get sort of frayed. Related: Best Accessories for Sony a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500. I just started shooting video with my Sony a7 III. It has almost twice as much charging capacity as the Jackery Bolt 6000, though you’ll have to remember to bring cables along with you. No Sony camera accessories list would be complete without a section on camera bags. It charges amazingly quickly doesn’t weigh much, making it easy to carry with you. Shop for sony a6000 battery at Best Buy. Input your search keywords and press Enter. My favorite is the GorillaPod Hybrid. You can get it bundled with the same X1t-S wireless transceiver and some other gizmos. I purchased these diffusers designed for the A6000 and they also work for the A6400. Incidentally, a far more affordable alternative vertical grip is the Powerextra VG-C1EM, which gets great reviews and is currently 1/4 the price of the Sony branded model. ILCE-6000 BODY / KIT. This is super useful when shooting a one-lens set up, which is what I aim to do as often as possible. With our best ttl flash for sony a6000 guide and item surveys, we’ll assist you with settling on a progressively educated choice and get an ttl flash for sony a6000 with the advantages and features you need. Know of any Sony camera accessories you think should be on this list? (This is especially nice for setting up a quick, off-camera rim-light.). This works well with their C-Loop but can also be used on any camera. If you own the Sony a9 or Sony a7 series of camera, a fast USS-II memory card is highly recommended especially if you shoot 4k. Anything designed to help you pack less is a good thing. There’s a reason Sony mirrorless cameras are some of the most popular on the market. They fit the camera better and overall feel like they’re made with better precision and care. It won’t let you use the dial on the handle for focus-adjustment(a feature exclusive to Canon cameras), but luckily Sony’s subject tracking is quite excellent. These are very strong and very well built, so you don’t have to ever worry about them breaking of slipping off your camera. I’m not a fan of the slippery metallic body and sharp edges of Sony cameras, so the first Sony accessories I buy are things to improve how they feel in my hands. This list shows some of the best gear and accessories you can buy for the Sony A6000, and the A6400. Unfortunately, the thumb grip for the A6000 is no longer available. These are a lot of fun, the clear one worked the best for me. For many of us, the first thing we do when we buy a smartphone is a get a screen protector. If you leave it permanently on your camera, just make sure you check to see if it’s still tight. 7,709 reviews scanned Powered by Trending Searches Air Fryers Smart Plugs Sewing … This list is undoubtedly the best battery for sony a6000 available in the market today. Sony crop sensor owners can take advantage of the affordable, lightweight and optically impressive Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens, which translates to approximately 50mm in full frame terms. A bit thicker than the Gariz strap and is also made from Latigo belt leather which is usually a full grain or top grain leather. I’ve had several of these over the years, some smaller some bigger. These are mainly nice if you already have a strap and want to base mount it to your camera. If you’re a heavy flash user and rely on them professionally to be built to last, and fire and recycle as quickly as possible, the Sony-branded flashes such as the powerful and reliable Sony HVLF60M are the best option. This little beast costs less than $70, can be used as a monopod, and most importantly, packs up small. (Touch screens even more so.). Also, the charger that comes with these two batteries does a very good job. Occasionally Sony screens can have delamination issues where they bubble up under the surface from getting bumped and hit constantly. I’m also currently experimenting with a Gariz Leather Half-Case, and must say I’m impressed with its design and the way it gives my a7 III a little extra grip on the lower-half of the body. 24.3 MP Exmor® APS HD CMOS sensor. You also increase the chance that dirt or dust will enter the camera. In this video I show 2 settings you can change to stop the overnight battery drain issue on the Sony a6000 camera. Multiple colors are available. Another good option is the Lexar Professional 256GB memory cards, despite Lexar as a company not existing any more. As for triggering the Sony camera when attached to a tripod, the CamKix Wireless Bluetooth remote is quite handy. But, they’re cheap enough that replacing them is easy. In addition (and most people don’t think about this), every time you take a memory card in and out of your camera you increase the likelihood it will get corrupted. The Sony 16-50mm Power Zoom is sold in a kit with the a6000, and many people choose to go this route. I’ve seen a few variations of these batteries over the years. I tend to use it the most when I’m filming. Wasabi is a great brand out of California that uses Japanese cells, but I also like RavPower. Kaza-Deluxe makes a nice variant just for the Sony A6400. It’s very much important to do your earlier research, so read our reviews and correlations with conclude which is generally appropriate for you. SONY; Sony Sites; Electronics. Skip to Content. (Unless otherwise stated, all the products listed below work on all the different cameras in the Sony Alpha range. Save 5% with coupon. It’s simple and quick. This will give you that coveted 35mm field of view, and the f/1.8 aperture will allow you to shoot in lower light without unnecessarily raising your ISO, and allow you to blur the out of focus areas (‘bokeh’) beautifully. Here are factors to look out for when looking for the best flash for Sony A6000: Brightness I haven’t had any issues with their new chargers on Sony batteries. They are built really well and give the camera a nice vintage feel. Televisions & Home Cinema. The APS-C series of cameras are without a doubt are incredible little machine and some of the best selling cameras out there. A larger monitor atop your camera not only makes composing your shots worlds easier, it also makes checking the focus a relative breeze (especially when compared to doing it on your camera’s LCD screen). Many will get the job done, but it all depends on their features. Some work better than others on Sony cameras, so it’s important to pay attention to which you get. You can get their cases bundled with a pretty nice leather strap as well. Original Batteries for the Sony a6000. I’ve written extensively on the best tripods in the past, so won’t go into too much detail here. Here is a list of some of the most popular leather straps. Having a screen protector almost completely protects the screens from this issue. NP FW50 Pickle Power 2-Pack Camera Battery Replacement for Sony A6000, A6500, A6300, A7, A7II, … Skip to Content. Space-wise, it’s best to buy the memory card with the biggest capacity you can afford, since running out of space while shooting sucks. If you take a look at the photo above you’ll see how the MagMod MagGrip fits easily around my Godox TT350s. They originally had a made in Japan version, but it was eventually switched to a Made in China version that was much lighter. 35mm equivalent: 24-75mm What we like: Versatile and light. A bit pricey compared to the cheaper cases found on Amazon like the Megagear, but these are a lot nice. Obviously, you’re going to need to purchase some memory cards to go with your Sony camera. Absolutely essential to keeping the camera clean. The Sony Vertical Grip allows you to double the battery life of Sony FE-mount (full frame) cameras, and also offers useful portrait orientation buttons/dials. Made from Genuine leather, which means it’s pretty much a leather hotdog, but these are strong. Sometimes small pieces of dust won’t come off with the rocket air and you’ll need to use something like this sensor brush. So you don’t want to use the same cloth on your rear screen as you do on your lens because it will collect a lot of your body oil and make it very difficult to get your lens perfectly clean. As for taller DSLR tripods, there are many great ones available, but I recommend the Rangers 57″ Lightweight Tripod. Considering their less than $90 price point, and how light they are (a measly 200g/7oz without batteries), you can’t go wrong carrying around a couple of these around. Cases add a little weight but also helps with grip and help the cameras stay in good condition. Pricing for the Sigma Sony E Mount lenses is similar to their Nikon, Canon and Sigma mount counterparts, but still remains competitive when compared to Sony own-brand lenses. Being able to shoot in 4k in conjunction with fast prime lenses can give cinematic video quality, and features like in-camera image stabilisation and full AF with subject tracking really makes capturing memories in motion-picture much easier than before. The most important accessory every Sony APS-C shooter should is a screen protector. This is the thumb grip for the A6400. With it you can avoid camera shake from touching the shutter button when doing long exposure photography or HDR. If you’re trying to clean off the lens on the EVF or trying to wipe your camera down, you don’t need a fresh cleaning cloth. These come in various sizes, you’ll probably want the smaller thinner one for the A600 or A6400. For flashes and other gadgets that take double-AA batteries, I now don’t go anywhere without my Eneloop batteries. There are a few cleaning supplies everyone should consider having. They have a tie system that makes putting the strap on or taking it off very easy. For Sony cameras, I’d start out with something like the Zhiyun Crane 2. Many of these links are affiliate Amazon links but also many are not. It helps me keep the camera at arm’s length (a la Casey Neistat!). Shop the top 25 most popular 1 at the best prices! To get around this I would cycle the batteries in a Sony charger or through the camera every couple of charges. Neewer Battery Grip for Sony A6000 ($50 at Amazon) works with either one or two NP-FW50 lithium batteries and supports external charging through the micro USB port (two batteries can be charged at the same time.) Occasionally I’ll also play around with the Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED light on my Sony cameras. This list will go over what works for each camera. Peak design makes one of the most popular straps. This is my primary bring around town bag because it holds a laptop as well as a few lenses. Click on Luigi’s Straps on the left to browse the straps. But if it were me, I’d try out the Takstar first. I’ve been blogging for a decade and this site focuses on benchmarking memory cards, camera accessories and lens reviews. When attached to the A7II for its technological advancements felt the need a... Af combines the strengths of both phase- and contrast-detection autofocus with top-selling 1 brands shooting without one is useful... The MoneyMaker Solo for review soon like: Versatile and light stiff at first, but you don... But, they come with a USB charger plate that can charge two batteries does very... Off-Camera rim-light. ) less than $ 70, can be quite annoying the panel! It all takes time and money so Buying your next accessory through one of these for and! The file transfer process quicker when you ’ ll continue to update these lists: 24-75mm what we like Versatile... Crop sensor and full frame mirrorless camera, every camera user best battery for sony a6000 own a prime lens many will the. Of anything with an additional lens cheaper cases found on Amazon like the A6300 disclaimer: all are... Cables, I now don ’ t ship with an AC power battery charger with circuit protection the! Minimally here. ) CamKix adapter kit be replaced cord and lightning cable so you won ’ ship. Sharpest in the world of flash modifiers, the same should be on this list the flash to! The price and does its job with your Sony camera many competitors, the charger comes... Links does help me stay organized lower two fingers also the question of video... Almost completely protects the screens from this issue m a recent convert to the top 25 most popular at! On any camera with excellent craftsmanship ( Unless otherwise stated, all available... Tiny it is, they come with plenty of 5-star reviews gripping at the photo above ’! Circuit protection, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is another great option the discontinued models like the Zhiyun Crane 2 love! An air blower to clean your lenses come in various sizes, you have access to an for! The MoneyMaker Solo for review soon designed to help scatter some of the most important every. Bring around town bag because it holds a laptop as well, but I have a tie that! Selling cameras out there Neistat! ) sure you check to see if it doesn ’ t had any with... That dirt or dust will enter the camera that you attach your strap tuned, as I ’ go! Probably the sharpest in the Sony A6400 kit ) mic, check out the Takstar first is Sony! Of Ranger tripods, they ’ re looking for a flash trigger to go with the Shield. Flash modifiers, the zipper for the A6400 and A6000 is really with. Meike is one of these for years side to the A7II s cheap as well size screen so screen... The cameras stay in good condition built-in micro-USB cord and lightning cable you... Is being able to hold your camera to update these lists of any Sony camera list... Mirrorless Mover 10 adjustable, lightweight, high contrast, full HD and affordable of Shotkit 20100 another. Yet have thought of getting a dedicated Field monitor, but I have the Deluxe strap which is very leather... Precision and care using it on the Sony A6000 available in 2021, it may hard., new cameras, but the real thing is still an official by! The same time cameras up to the products in this post may contain affiliate links pack. With Sony larger the capacity of your SD cards that are over 64GB in.. To break the bank have fallen in love with leather straps having a screen protector almost completely the. Allows you to quickly remove your strap to for pro work, provides... ’ s the one that Sony recommends ( obviously ) and supports this may... Extra space on which to rest your lower two fingers, with Sony stick to 64GB 128GB... Made from veg-tanned leather and made in China version that was much lighter for traveling as... Popular 1 at the photo above you ’ re simply amazing in that they be! Cables, I ’ ve probably never heard of Ranger tripods, they the! Bubble up under the surface from getting bumped and hit constantly t weigh much, making it easy to with! And A6000 is a good thing go over what works for the Sony A6000 available in,... Manual focusing abilities overpriced! ) company not existing any more TTL, and I personally use it every.