I appreciate her help. Seamless interaction, absolutely phenomenal. I forgot to send you mail to thank I received the items almost two weeks ago. She was very helpful in helping me find a replacement cleanout cover for our facility here in Alaska. Manual available online. Dear Shealyn, Thank you! Sloan sensor operated flush valves help reduce the spread of germs with their hands-free operation. All of you were super helpful, thorough and knowledgeable. The result is Sloan CX, our most innovative flush valve … rough in, battery-powered 0.5 GPF/1.9 LPF, override button. Great first time experience on your site for a part I had no number on and only a visual. Hi Mallory, we did receive the order and I wanted to thank you for the outstanding and excellent service you provided on this order. Thanks for your help! I must say, I am impressed that you were able to track this down and more importantly that you took the time to do so. Sloan Sensor Operated Royal Urinal Flushometers Sloan Sensor Operated G2 Optima Plus Flushometers Optima EBV-89A-M Battery Powered Side Mount Operator w/ Metal Cover I took a lot of her time for parts that are not all that valuable, but important to me. The dual … You are amazing! At SloanRepair.com, browse a selection of sensor activated flushometers … Sloan ECOS Flushometers can also be activated via multi-lobularinfrared sensor. We received the parts already and have installed them, our water fountain is working good again. Choose from the G2, Solis, and ECOS Sloan flushometer retrofit kits. Has made me a customer for my plumbing needs. You made life easy! https://www.sloan.com/commercial-bathroom-products/flushometers/ecos Thank you for making my job easier!!! I will definitely keep your contact information handy for future use. Thank you Mallory!! Sloan sensor operated flush valves help reduce the spread of germs with their hands-free operation. This Sloan Royal 111 ES-S Sensor Flushometer is a direct replacement product manufactured by Sloan. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter, and get new tips every two weeks. Sloan’s most advanced electronic flushometer with hands-free operation. From the beginning of the order, to the delivery, you helped with updates and information that was very helpful and beneficial for our customer. I am very happy to deal with you. I called my plumber and he said he couldn't come till 3/4/2018. Wow your web site is impressive. I have already referred your company to 3 of my friends who are facilities managers with different company's \. She was very helpful, and even called me when she had solved my problem when all she needed to do was email me. Sloan Side Mount Flushometer Battery Operated Sensor Auto Flush. Choose from the Sloan G2 Optima Plus, Optima SMOOTH, ECOS, SOLIS, or Optima Harwire Royal flush valves. All seems to be working and I'm about to try and get a few winks. We did it! Thank you so much for the information from Haws Corp. That was exactly what I needed to know. I appreciate all of your help this is exactly what I needed. I nominate her for employee of the month! Worked beautifully. Thanks Mallory, reps like you make my job easier. Tested and working. Again, thank you for updates and accuracy of your delivery time for this order. Thank You again. Hi. Am very impressed with your professionalism and efficiency. Sloan 3370430, 8186-0.5 OR Sensor Exposed Sloan 3370430, 8186-0.5 OR Sensor Exposed Flushometer for wall hung urinals, 11.5 in. I rated you a 5. Really appreciate your providing the parts breakdown, this is a big help. That's a great employee you have there. If you are looking to find Sloan products quickly and easily, you’ve come to the right place. Sloan Flushometers set the standard for reliable performance that lasts. Flushometer care and maintenance is important – learn what to look for, when to look, and how to service and maintain top mount sensor flushometers in Part 3 of this ongoing flushometer webinar … Sloan Sensor Activated Flush Valves Sensor activated flushometers, also known as electronic flush valves, are becoming more and more popular as patrons like a hands free experience in public restroom facilities. In Stock . Visit us for expert help on Sloan flushometer repair parts. Thanks for your response and here is what I think I need. Best Wishes. I wish all people were as dedicated, knowledgeable and customer friendly as you have been. The Top Online Resource for Sloan Fixtures, Repair Parts, and More. The young lady was super nice and tried to fix the problem with a few steps. Code No. While my tank was not one on their recall she still said she would send me out a whole new tank. list grid × MAP Price. You have been an excellent help. Sloan EBV-200-A Side-Mounted Flushometer Operator (with Over-the-Handle Sensor) Model #: EBV-200-A Item #: 101602 Learn More List Price: $310.30 $217.21 You Save 30% Mallory, spout was received today and looked great. A big thanks to you and your company for the help, also the videos were a help. I am guessing they are fortunate to have you working for them. Sloan Retrofit Products Top Mounted Retrofit products are the preferable retrofit style for facilities that desire a retrofit product that is aesthetically pleasing with exceptional performance. Awesome, Thanks Shawn! Thank you so much for your help! 10 (02/17) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPTIMA® SYSTEM SENSOR ACTIVATED ROYAL® EXPOSED WITH TRUEMECHANICAL OVERRIDE FLUSHOMETERS LIMITED WARRANTY Unless otherwise noted, Sloan … Sloan Sensor Flushometer Retrofit Kits SloanPlumbingParts.com carries Sloan sensor flushometer retrofit kits. 0816434 Rev. In closing let me thank everyone I dealt with for going above and beyond in customer service.. Excellent Job! These retrofit products mount onto the top of the flush valve. Accesorios Sanitarios Combos de Sanitario Lavatories Mingitorios ... Llaves BASYS Optima Sloan … So when we set out to create a new generation of concealed flushometers, we listened to the needs of our customers. We also offer Sloan … She really hung in there, found what I needed, and posted links for me to click on and ensure that the parts were likely correct. Condition is used. Just made me a lifetime customer!". There is a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) allowed … I am looking forward to working with you and your company in the future. Unfortunately, good customer service like that has become difficult to find. Even though I had to pay customs charges, I still ordered from you as you really went above and beyond. The Sloan SOLIS Solar powered Flushometer is equipped with Smart Sense Technology which applies extended range and logic techniques to significantly reduce water usage in high use urinal … Thank you very much. Browse by model specific parts to simplify your search. Katrina helped me in the live chat. I am going on the website right now and placing the order for everything. Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that all items that I have ordered from you have arrived, once again an outstanding customer service and just a great person to work with. Absolutely the best customer service I've ever seen with a company. Thank you for your excellent service!!!! Sloan's line of flush valves includes manual, automatic, solar powered, and retrofit models as well as a broad selection of water … Thank you for reaching out with the follow up. You were very helpful in getting the correct part ordered and I should probably check with you in the future if I have any questions about what to order. Wow, this is amazing that you sent this to me, I have never found a person online and gotten real help so quickly. Thanks for all of your help, it’s been really easy to work with you. However the repair only lasted a day. I needed to order several random parts for an obscure Kohler/Sloan pressure tank system. I inquired with a couple different vendors for this part, and only Mallory actually followed up with me. Sloan Valve Cover Sensor Assembly for Sloan Valve Solis 1.6 gpf and 1.28 gpf Single Flush and Dual Flush Flushometer. That's great thanks so much. We will choose Kully for all of our future needs because of our 5-star experience! It looks great. I will use your company again! Sloan Royal Flushometers The Royal is a Sloan Valve’s premiere high performance flushometer. Shawn was super helpful and quickly informed me about the replacement parts I needed. You have been so wonderful to work with, considering we ended up spending a whopping $28.00 with Kully Supply. Flushometer toilets & urinals & waterless urinals: this article describes flushometer type valve operated toilets and urinals and also waterless urinal operation that use no flush valve and no water. You are truly helpful. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help !!!!! After several missteps and several hours of knuckle busting I just completed the task at 4a.m. She truly is a great person and I have enjoyed getting to know her. I will definitely continue to work with you and I look forward to placing my next order coming up soon. I'll always call Kully Supply. Stock # CX Sensor Flushometers: Price: Qty. The install was fairly simple with the exception of having to change the P trap location in order to fit the new foot control ... but it works great! Shop Sloan Top-Sensor Flushometers. SLOAN® - SLOAN 153 ESS Hardwired-1.28-DFB-SWB-2-10-3/4-LDIM-HW Flushometer Description: 1.28 gpf, Dual-Filtered Fixed Bypass Diaphragm, Rough Brass Finish, Single Flush, 2-10.75 L Dimension, Hardwired, Sensor … I then discovered Flushmate had DIY videos so I checked it out. I would not hesitate to deal with Kully in the future. I called back on 2/22/2018 and spoke to another gracious young lady. I’ve used Kully Supply in the past and will definitely purchase from you again in the future as you’ve been more than helpful when it comes to answering questions I’ve asked. Happy holidays and wonderful 2017 for you and yours. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. She did what she said she would do in a timely fashion. Have a terrific day and I look forward to contacting you again. At Sloan, we make products for the people who design, specify, build, own and service commercial restrooms. Filter. Sub-Categories. Sloan Sensor Flushometer | Retrofit Kit | SloanRepair.com. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance! Sloan Valve G2-81111 Optima Plus Battery Powered Sensor Operated 1.6 GPF Water Closet Flushometer, Chrome Another successful hassle free order with Kully! In this episode of Repair and Replace, Vance shows how to troubleshoot a Sloan Optima, Solis or Ecos Flush Valve. Thanks Shealynn, have a great weekend! thank you for the good service and kindness to help in such a kind way. I hope you and I will have the same type as well. Karaley I knew it was only a matter of time with her ability to treat people someone would see that. Thank you. It would have been easy for her to become inpatient, but she hung in there, found what I needed, and checked things which were a little picky in terms of exactly what was included. Just wanted to give a pat on the back to Jessica (unfortunately I don't know her last name) who helped me through your online chat function today. Order Minimum is $50. 47 items. Thank you again. You are amazing, I am from the Middle East. If you are looking to find Sloan products quickly and easily, you’ve come to the right place. Order this Sloan ROYAL 111 ES-S today and you will have your Sloan … We carry retro kits, adapter assemblies, complete head assemblies, model specific conversion kits and handle assemblies for urinals and toilets in a broad range of GPFs. On 2/11/2018 I called in a problem with my tank wouldn't stop or flush. Part #: S0325300 I know where I will go for any plumbing issues I may run in to!! Bingo it did as promised. You made it very easy to order over the phone. hi Mallory I speak English with difficulty and I have a lot of spelling. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Also, you were very patient and easy going when I did not have the part number ready for you :). Thanks so much for everything. SLOAN 186 ESS-0.125-DBP-TMO-HW Urinal Flushometer, Hardwired, Sensor Activated, Exposed, Dual-Filtered Bypass, True Mechanical Override, 0.125 GPF Our Price: $471.97 List Price: $726.10 Upgrade any top-mount or side-mount flushometer with an automatic, sensor-operated Sloan flushometer.