A prominent feature of bamboo air purifier bags is a two-year useful life, after which the used bamboo makes excellent fertilizer. Why Use Bamboo Charcoal Bags? In fact, one gram of bamboo charcoal has over 600 square meters of surface area, and it is at least 10 times more porous than regular charcoal! Activated bamboo charcoal is made by specialized, and often secretive process that involves heating bamboo to a certain very hot temperature over a long period of time. The bamboo charcoal bag will help remove any lingering smells once the main issue is tended to. They did their best to try and locate the source of the smell but nothing showed up. Read more about bamboo as an eco-friendly resource here! It was a hot humid day and we’d been out of the house and there was no air conditioning running. If you want a scientific explanation, you won’t find it here. Air fresheners can increase levels of formaldehyde in the home. Your email address will not be published. According to the description my product was “activated” bamboo charcoal and I could “re-activate” it by placing it in the sun if its effectiveness was reduced. Bamboo charcoal bags are filled with this activated bamboo charcoal which is capable of trapping air pollutants, moisture, and odors from the air. The bamboo charcoal in the Pandoo Bag works by absorbing allergens and pollutants in the air and temporarily storing and housing them in the porous material inside the charcoal. To revive your bamboo charcoal bags, you just need to take down and gather all your bags and bring them outside on a sunny day. To be honest I actually kind of forgot about the bag. ... One needs only to place the bag in the sun for one hour to reactivate the granules for another month of use. Bamboo charcoal is a porous structure with millions of microscopic holes pulling and absorbing odor and moisture from the air. If you have a stinky problem in any room of your house, consider whether bamboo charcoal could be the answer. Making your own bamboo charcoal bags is a simple and fun DIY project. The bamboo active charcoal granules take up a lot of fumes and odor from the air and need the hour to recharge their absorption cells. It is hard to believe that such an unassuming bag of a completely natural and nontoxic bamboo charcoal can be so effective at eliminating odors and purifying the air, but it really can. This page may include affiliate links to Amazon and other partners. Air Purifying Bags Activated Bamboo Charcoal Natural Air Purifier Freshener Neutralizer Filter … Using bamboo charcoal bags to purify your air is easy. Other than removing odors, bamboo charcoal is ideal for removing other pollutants in the air you breath. In fact, bamboo charcoal bags will help take pollutants like formaldehyde out of the air by locking it into its porous structure. Does bamboo charcoal remove extreme smells? Charcoal granules work as a moisture regulator absorbing excess moisture in the soil and when the soil gets dry, the trapped moisture would get released back into the soil. Just wait…I’ll tell you all about that one in another post. All in all, bamboo charcoal bags are a simple, natural, and non-toxic way to improve the quality of your air. Almost every day I was wearing my most comfortable shoes. You can simply order them on Amazon or buy them in your local store, like Walmart, Home Depot, and so on. I was sure I’d wasted my money. When it comes time to replace your bamboo charcoal bag, you can open the bag and spread the charcoal into your garden where it will add nutrients back to the soil. If you spend a significant amount of time in traffic, charcoal bags can really improve your ride home. Whatsapp: 2096715270. info@charcoalbagss.com You’re probably wondering what are bamboo charcoal bags & how do they work? After the bamboo charcoal is revived, you can bring the bags back in the house and place them back where you had them. You can use a suction cup hook to hang it from the inside of your fridge or just set it in the back out of the way, ideally on the top shelf where it won’t get dirty in a spill. There were plumbing pipes in that area so they thought it might be a water damage or mold smell, but it wasn’t that type of smell. If you are looking for a large number of air purifier bags that you can install in every part of your home to deodorize… How to Stop Kids from Whining So They Don’t Drive You Crazy, How to Make Lavender Linen Spray, Room Spray and Pillow Spray with Essential Oil or Flowers, How to Increase Blog Visitors ��� Free and Fast Method Using Images (not Social Media), 56 Catchy Blog Post Titles to Attract More Visitors to Your Blog this Month (includes free download), 13 Ways to Make Your Stinky Shoes Smell Good Again ��� Tried and Tested Home Remedies, How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally from Your Backyard, Peppermint Oil: 9 Essential Reasons to Always Keep It In Your Home. Bamboo charcoal bags are actually very effective at improving the air quality and eliminating odor in your home. This on its own is not surprising, but they also found that when products that contain terpene are used in the presence of ozone it produces formaldehyde, which is a respiratory irritant and a Group 1 carcinogen according to the International Agency for Cancer Research. 0 Like. They’re safe, eco-friendly, and effective. I was slightly disappointed but also full of admiration for that little bag of charcoal. I exhausted all my natural remedies and even resorted to using some harsh chemicals out of desperation. How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally From Your Home, Air Purifying Plants to Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy Indoors, Easy Method to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally ��� I Use it on My Kids, Easiest Way to Get Rid of Gnats Naturally from Your House, 5 Ways to Get Better Quality Sleep, Starting Tonight. You know what it’s like. Hospitals use activated charcoal (slightly different from Bamboo Charcoal) to treat certain types of poisoning. I bought the bamboo charcoal product that is specially shaped for each shoe. I could also use it for about 3 years and then dispose of it by opening up the bag and pouring the black pieces of charcoal onto the garden like compost. Small bags generally cost around $5 a piece with multipacks giving you the most value. Powered by WordPress and Themelia. During the course of the month, these pores will fill up, but once placed outside exposed to the sun, the UV rays release and cycle out the allergens and pollutants. I’m so glad I took the risk on a new product and bought some of this wonder charcoal. And I haven’t even mentioned how good it is as a natural deodorizer in the car. Get some and try it out today. Bamboo charcoal bags have many advantages over other methods of dealing with undesirable odors like common air fresheners and even air purifiers. Surely it would give it more of a chance of working if there was more contact with the smell.�� This worked. Anyone looking to get themselves bamboo charcoal bags should know that they are good at purifying the air. When using bamboo charcoal bags, you don’t have to worry about chemicals or scents. So, yes they work for stinky shoes but sometimes it’s just too inconvenient. They can also help keep your produce fresh by absorbing ethylene gas, which is a gas that causes produce to ripen. In addition, bamboo charcoal bags do not require the use of a flame or create any potential for a fire hazard. The activation process for bamboo charcoal uses high-temperature steam to increase the micropores as in activated charcoal and absorb odors. Bamboo charcoal bags are completely non-toxic. It undergoes a specialized process that makes it able to absorb odors, moisture, and bacteria from the air. Similarly, if you have a mold issue in your basement because of a water leak, a bamboo charcoal bag can help eliminate moisture and smells, but unless the underlying problem is fixed, it cannot eliminate all moisture or smells. The secret to bamboo charcoal is simple. They are effective in eliminating odors, pollutants, and moisture from the air by trapping it in the tiny pores of the bamboo charcoal. They will last that long only if you revitalize them regularly (as explained above). Usually that was a disaster combination for the urine stench in the carpet. Yes, they should come activated already but that’s something you should ask the supplier or where you buy them from in order to verify. These are good and I still use these but I wanted more. If you live in an area with cold cloudy winters or you are having a hard time getting full sunlight, leave the bamboo charcoal bag out in the sunlight for a few extra hours. Required fields are marked *. They are used in a wide variety of locations to do their job. It can take a couple of days for the charcoal bags to completely eliminate odors, though. Charcoal also helps reduce mold and mildew by soaking up excess moisture If you can’t sew, you can still make your own bamboo charcoal sachets. Of course, they were lucky that their mystery smell was contained in a cupboard because they could throw in the bag and let it do it’s work. Sure, it’s in those and one day soon I might write a post about those types of uses for charcoal. I was rather amazed but also busy, so I kept doing what I needed to do. This is more effective, less expensive, and better for your health than constantly applying a chemical-laden air freshener. Definitely gone. According to the National Capital Poison Center, air fresheners can cause a host of issues if misused including skin irritation, respiratory irritation, irritation to the eyes. Washing machine: Over time washing machines can develop a musty smell. And the number one comfort item was my shoes. The bamboo charcoal neutralizes even stubborn smells, wet dogs, pet urine, cat litter boxes, such as those caused by smoke, gym shoes and more. Bamboo charcoal bags are chemical-free, 3. No. Within a few days, you should notice that there are fewer odors in the area, and within a few weeks, any odors should be completely gone. To be honest I then left the bag of black charcoal on the carpet for about 6 months. Activated charcoal differs in its use from that used to cook food in a barbecue pit. Read … All you need is a bag of bulk activated bamboo charcoal, and some sort of small bag to hold the charcoal in. After that, you can use it around the house or in your car. This makes bamboo charcoal far better for the earth than charcoal made from trees. If you want a more active approach to odor control, then simply use a box that you have lined with parts of an air filter. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your children or pets when using these bamboo charcoal bags.
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