$12.95 - $14.25. Viper Synthetic K9 Tug Toy Reward with Two Handles for Adult Dogs and Puppies. Jute Golden Retriever Bite Tug with Handle. Let's conclude and name the full list what bite tugs can be used for, Click on the pictures to see bigger image, Dog-Safe Bite Rag for Belgian Malinois Training, Quality Stitched Bite Training Tug for Riesenschnauzer Training. Tugs are not chew toys, they are interactive training aids. Jute Pitbull Bite Set is a Helpful Combination to Enjoy Bite Training. Bite tugs are perfect both for puppies and training adult dogs. The Jute Bite Tug is not made to be left unattended as a chew toy. Jute Bite Tug – Bite Building Toy. 2 1/3 inch (6 cm) Training Solid Rubber Dog Ball on a String - Medium. $39.90. Check how our products look on the dogs / Our Video. This strong toy is made of high quality Jute material and is carefully stitched on both edges. Model: SE000131092 Training Set - Jute tugs (6 items) TE22, TE25, TE2, TE All the supply is made of jute. Don't waste your time! $12.90 . It is a natural material that doesn't cause any allergic reactions. 21. It's light weight makes it easy for the helper to maneuver and for the dog to hold and carry while maintaining the grip. The jute is easy for dogs to bite & hold, and high quality! $8.25. $7.90. Dog Bite Tag (Dog Bite Tug) Made of Jute for Schutzhund Training Well-Made Jute Bite Tug for Puppy and Young Dogs Training It is your lucky chance to purchase our new training tool - handcrafted dog bite tug with a handle! Our bite tugs are used for IGP trials and are recommended by leading dog trainers. Traditionally, bite tugs are made of leather, jute, fire hose, synthetic fibers, etc. CAD$64.20. New. Fire Hose Dog Bite Tug With Handle. We don't want your puppy to... Jute Bite Tug for Young Dog Training If you are tired of low quality bite tugs that are torn very quickly. Jute German Shepherd Bite Pillow / Bite Pad with 3 Handles. CAD$41.37. Rolled Jute Pitbull Bite Tug with Two Handles. Jute is a natural material, therefore eco-friendly and doesn't cause any health problems. Jute Bite Tugs If you are looking for a durable but at the same time dog-friendly training bite tug, then try Jute bite tugs from our store. Comfortable loops serve as handles to carry the tug firmly when your dog bites. CAD$57.05. New. Choose the bite tug relying on your preferences. New. New. Add to Cart . German Shepherd Harnesses,German Shepherd Muzzles,German Shepherd Collars,Dog Leashes,German Shepherd Equipment,Prong Collars : Jute Bite Tugs - Training Collar/Pinch Collars Bite Sleeves/Puppy Sleeves Muzzle for German Shepherd Harness for German Shepherd Dog Leads/Leashes Collar for German Shepherd Bite Tug and Toys Schutzhund Dog Supplies Dog Training Supplies Walking Dog … NEWFOUNDLAND DOG 【BITE TUGS AND TOYS】for DOG | TRAINERS Heavy Duty Tug | Jute Tugs For Dogs Jute Tug Jute Tug Toy | Dog Bite Tugs | Jute Cover | Bite Pillow Training Pillow | Best Toys For Newfoundland Dog Puppies Train your Puppy with Our Bite Tug Looking for durable but at the same time dog-friendly training bite tug? New. Collie Dog Breed: Harness, Muzzle, Collar, Leash : Jute Bite Tugs - Collie Dog Muzzles Collie Dog Harnesses Dog Leashes/Leads Collie Dog Collars Bite Tug and Toys Kennel Accessories Dog Training Equipment collie, dog, breed, harnesses, harness, muzzles, muzzle, collars, collar, leashes, leash, lead It is well made and she can bite and hold and have a great time. So sometimes bite tug can serve some time as a reward. Our Jute Bite Tugs will help you to train your puppy to follow the commands and to develop bite skills of an adult canine. $59.90. They vary in length and diameter. Bite pillows are more safe and increase accuracy in bite work. Jute bite tug toys are incredibly durable and a favorite dog reward tug toy. Dog Bite Tug Toy 12 x 3.2 Inches - Durable Pull Toy with 2 Soft & Strong Handles - Tough Jute Bite Pillow for Medium to Large Dogs - Ideal for Tug of War, Fetch, K9, Puppy Training & Interactive Play 4.3 out of 5 stars 51 $18.99 Special offers and product promotions After trying numerous rewards, the Jute tug was definitely the paycheck Reign needed. Model: TE13#1046 Wide Jute Bite Pillow(24x37cm) Add to Cart. Three Handle Jute Targeting Wedge\nMade from durable Jute material, this is bite development wedge is perfect for teaching young dogs to launch, target and grip. Pocket toy made of jute with handle. Her enthusiasm has tripled and she is engaging with me after her final response and will tug, fetch and hang on like never before. Model: TE63#1077 Training set - Jute tugs (4 items) TE23, TE252, TE11 $6.90. 10" Braided Jute Tug with Handle. Leerburg Bungee Tug. German Shepherd Training with Strong Jute Bite Builder with Handles. New. Our bite tugs are made of sturdy materials that are very strong and durable, with no harmful substances for your dog. Leerburg Furry Puppy Bungee Tug. There is a great choice of tugs different in shapes and dimensions. Jute keeps its shape perfectly, so the tool doesn't deform. It is the ultimate reward for your dog as a confirmation for his good behavior. Add to Cart. We are the only manufacturer in the USA that manufactures our own French linen. Here you will find jute bite tugs for dog bite training, prey drive and Schutzhund certified and made of quality, safe materials. Jute bite tugs Jute bite tugs are used in all dog sport disciplines and is even suitable as toy for the home dog. $20.00. $20.00. Check the variety of bite tugs to make the correct choice: Bite Tugs Set at the Best Price with Amazing Gifts. Model: PBB3J1096 Puppy bite builder jute. Jute bite tugs are used in all dog sport disciplines and are very suitable as toys for the home dog. Model: TE53#1029 Fire Hose bite tug. For better comfort, most of the tugs are equipped with an easy to grab handle or handles. Jute German Shepherd Bite Pillow / Bite Pad with 3 Handles, Training German Shepherd Bite Rag of Jute, Jute German Shepherd Pocket Toy / Puppy Bite Tug with Handle, Compact Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug with Small Loop, Jute German Shepherd Bite Tag with Handle, Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug for Puppies, Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug for Puppy Training, Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug with 2 Handles for Training Young Dogs, Jute German Shepherd Training Set of 3 Bite Tugs with Ball Absolutely Free, Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug with Two Handles, Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug without Handles, Large Jute German Shepherd Bite Tug with 2 Handles, Herm Sprenger finest quality chrome plated, Police K9 Military K9 Working Dog Equipment - Harnesses. Huge Jute Tug with Handles for Stronger Grip Developing, Buy Now Jute Bite Tugs Training Set and Save $5.95 - Set BiteTug JUTE, Dog Bite Tug of Natural Hypoallergic Jute Material, Durable Jute Bite Tug (Tag) for Dog Bite Skills Improvement, Hard "Battle training" Rolled Jute Dog Bite Tug, Jute Puppy Bite Tug with One Handle - 2 1/3 inch on 8 inch (6x20 cm), New 2018 Puppy and Young Dog Bite Builder Made of Jute, "Biting-Jaws" Training Dog Pillow with Jute Cover, New 2018 Puppy and Young Dog Bite Builder made of Jute - 30% DISCOUNT, New Dog Bite Pad Made of Jute with 3 Handles, Best choice of dog leashes - dog leashes of any size and for any task - walking leashes, training dog leashes, Dog muzzles for any breed - over 30 sizes available, get dog muzzle now, Dog harnesses - pay less for leather dog harnesses and nylon dog harnesses, Dog harness,Dog muzzle,Dog collar,Dog leashes,Bite Sleeves,Dog Training Equipment, developing retrieve skills and healthy prey drive, Train your little puppy with super reliable, If you want to train your canine with a really long-lasting gear to optimize training results, this, Though, the most of the models are stuffed, there you will also find the tool without stuffing -, If you have a desire to get ready for the training of different kind and levels, we are glad to make you a special offer -. Model: TE23#1098 Jute Bite tug (4x30cm) (Pocket toy) Add to Cart. Medium Leather Tug. Select Options . 12 inch Leerburg Bite Tug. So, don't be afraid, your dog won't tear it. NEW ARRIVALS - Bite Tug and Toys. Add to Cart . New. Jute Bite Dog Tugs You are welcome to our dog store of professional dog training equipment! Such tugs are perfect for developing young dog's skills to bite. Leerburg's Thin 2 Handle Tug. Build, develop and improve your dog's bite skills with the help of our extra durable and safe biting pads, pillows, dummies, tugs and toys. Jute is natural material that is hypoallergic and very durable. In addition, the bite tug is machine washable, so you can keep it clean. $10.00. Its main advantage is that jute will not endanger a dog's health and dog's teeth in particular. Golden Retriever Bite Pillow with Removable Jute Cover. Natural fabrics like leather and jute are safe and non-toxic. Select Options. Durability of a bite tug depends upon quality of materials used to make it. What you should know about the material the tugs on this page are made of: Jute is considered to be a traditional material for bite tugs manufacturing. Add to Cart. All of the jute tugs produced by FDT can stand dog's sharp teeth biting and tugging. Jute bite tugs of different sizes are designed to satisfy every K9 breeder’s needs depending on the age of his pet. The same dog trainers use to be sure that... Dog Bite Training Rag Click on the pictures to see bigger image Carefully Stitched Jute Bite Rag with Ergonomic Handle for Belgian Malinois Your puppy will... Upgraded Dog Bite Pillow for Training your Pet We are happy to introduce you our new model of dog bite training equipment. The anti-slip surface of the handles helps to hold them firmly and also allows you to control the dog’s grip and to complicate the task with different movements. We have a large selection of tugs suitable for reward in obedience to early stages of bite work training, made from Jute, French Linen and leather. New. German Shepherd Bite Pad with Jute Cover. $5.49. Schutzhund dogs Training supplies jute bite tugs set. New. Puppy and Young Dog Bite Builder. Dog caring owners choose Jute Bite Tugs for their extreme durability and absolute safety for the dog. BULLDOG 【BITE TUGS AND TOYS】for DOG | TRAINERS Heavy Duty Tug | Jute Tugs For Dogs Jute Tug Jute Tug Toy | Dog Bite Tugs | Jute Cover | Bite Pillow Training Pillow | Best Toys For Bulldog Puppies Model: TE23#1096 Jute Bite tug (4x30cm) (Pocket toy) Add to Cart. The harder the material a bite tug is made of the more efforts a dog needs to exert. Model: TE60#1103 Training set - Jute tugs (5 items) TE22, TE25, TE2, TE14, TE11. This is a forcible argument that speaks to their credit of its durability. Ruberized Handles, Red, 12"x 2" 4.7 out of 5 stars 8 CDN$ 26.21 CDN$ 26. Jute Bite Tugs Our Australian Pet shop offers here jute dog bite tugs and jute dog dog bite pockets. Our store presents jute bite tugs of pocket size to be a great motivator and target for your canine during daily walks. New. Model: TE9##1103 Rolled Jute bite tug(4x30cm) Add to Cart. BKpearl Dog Tug Toy Dog Bite Pillow Jute Bite Toy Dog Pull Toy Interactive Toys for Medium to Large Dogs(Style 1) 5 out of 5 stars 1 CDN$ 19.24 CDN$ 19. Puppy and Young Dog Bite Builder. Model: PBB3J1098 Puppy Bite Builder. Starting from the compact in size tugs for puppies and ending with the huge pro training tugs, all the products feature top notch quality. A bite tug is a good alternative to a rubber ball or any other toy. They represent the ultimate reward for your canine as a praise for his good behavior. Many professional dog trainers consider dog bite tug to be an effective training tool in prey drive and "retrieve" skills development, as well as is perfect for strong grip developing. Our bite tugs are made of sturdy jute with no harmful substances for your dog. $39.00. Model: SE000131096 Training set - Jute tugs (6 items) Add to Cart. This Jute Bite Tug is used to strengthen bite work for dogs. Model: TE13#1098 - Wide Jute Bite … New. The handles are stitched to the tug to assure the reliability of the item. Although training surely requires much attention, one should not forget about the daily routine of his precious doggie - playing and interactive games immensely strengthen friendly relations between owner and his pet. With our Jute Bite Tugs, you have the opportunity to guarantee your pet's fruitful education and brilliant future. Ultra Thin Fire Hose Tug for Small Breeds. Dog Toys . New. Model: TE55#1103 Rolled Jute bite tug(5x30cm) with 1 handle. Pocket Size Jute Golden Retriever Bite Tug for … One more way to use jute bite tug is to encourage the dog with it during obedience training. Train your Puppy with Comfortable Equipment Don’t you think that it’s better to use the stuff which professionals do. Our tugs are made from the highest quality: Jute, Leather, French Linen, Fire Hose. Model: TT1##1029 (2 1/3 inch) Solid Dog training toy with handle. 1-Handled Synthetic Mini Tug. Every dog owner should focus on his dog training, as developing canine instincts is an important part of canine's life. We would like to offer you our Jute Bite Tugs... Puppy Training Jute Bite Tug Start training your dog when it is a puppy if you want to get good results in future and to have an obedient and devoted friend. $98.90. It is widely used for police, military and Schutzhund dog training, still, they are indispensable for a bite and retrieve exercising at home. 1-Handled Leather Mini Tug. Model: TE22#1046 Jute Bite tug (4x20cm) Add to Cart. There are bite tugs with one, two, three handles or with no handle at all. $20.00 . It is a natural fabric that is safe and non-toxic. The supplies are well-stitched with heavy-duty threads for better durability. All our tugs are very durable made from top European manufactures, including Euro Joe, Gappay, Klin, Sporthund and Top Matic. $49.50. $14.49. We propose the best prices from the producer directlyand fast shipping world-wide. $19.49. 2 1/3 inch (6 cm) Health-Friendly Dog Training Hollow Rubber Ball - Medium. We have a great choice of tugs, so there won’t be a problem to find the most appropriate one for your Great Dane. Leather Bite Tugs. $20.00. A bite tug is a basic drive and grip building tool. Bite Tugs Get professional dog bite training tools of selected quality and smart design from the producer directly! Various sizes and designs will satisfy every dog owner’s taste, and the soft hypoallergenic filling assures safety for your dog’s teeth. Model: TE23#1046 Jute Bite tug (4x30cm) (Pocket toy) Add to Cart. They are crafted of a strong jute material which is also used for producing bite suits. Now I am the one who quits the interaction not her. All-about-rottweiler-dog-breed.com is proud to offer you a wide range of jute bite tugs for developing your Rottweiler’s bite skills and prey drive. All the model are manufactured of the thickest and toughest material to resist bites. Model: TE7##1098 Jute Bite Pillow(23x33cm) Select Options. Leerburg's 4 X 11 inch Tug. Bite pillows are larger tugs which are used for precision bite work training. $13.00. 24. Start training your dog with the best equipment ever. $10.90. Jute Bite Tugs.
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