He was under the guardianship of Monk Gyatso. She forever held a deep hatred for Yon Rha and was determined to exact revenge on him for her mother's death. Jiang explained that they needed a waterbender to help them in a smuggling mission in exchange for passage downriver and Katara agreed. As she traveled with Aang, they grew as waterbenders simultaneously, each growing through their journey to the north pole where they were taught by the same teacher. [1], Katara and Zuko became good friends and grew to respect one another greatly. [45] Later, when the two were imprisoned in the Crystal Catacombs, Katara began to trust Zuko after he revealed that he too had lost his mother to the Fire Nation, saying: "I'm sorry. Naru Narusegawa. The Water Tribe siblings were arguably the most dynamic familial relationship shown in the series, rivaled only by Zuko and Iroh. Aang had just gotten home from yet another tiresome day with the other council members. Broke: Aang forces his beliefs on to Katara when she wants to go kill Yon Rha but Zuko is better for her cause he leaves her be. The show was so popular that it earned a spin-off which was an update for an older audience who grew up with the original show. There’s also the pretty significant matter that they both have similar emotional baggage. And though Katara herself is only 14 at the start of the series, the gulf between a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old is far greater than that between a 30-year-old and 32-year-old. Aang and katara Dessin La Légende De Korra Graphisme Art Korra Aang Avatar. Aang und katara Big Love 3. When Sokka voiced disdain that he was defeated by girls, Katara quickly made an apology to Suki before any violence could escalate and told Aang to prove himself to be the Avatar. Born in the Southern Water Tribe. [11] When Sokka accuses Aang of being the enemy, she insists that Aang is not malicious because he has brought "fun" to their village. Katara later waterbent snow on the helmet of a Fire Nation soldier, hoping to conceal the Fire Nation's invasion of the Air Temple and ultimately protect Aang from the painful reality that was to come. As early as season 1, they encourage each other and work together to improve their bending techniques, with Aang even giving up his training at the Northern Water Tribe when Master Pakku refuses to teach Katara. Realizing that his customs had cost him his fiancée, he agreed to teach her. While Aang initially lied about being the Avatar, Katara eventually learned the truth and Aang admitted that he did not want to be the Avatar. "[47], Katara accompanied Sokka to Kyoshi Island where she learned that Suki had left her home to support the war effort. With their mother deceased and their father off fighting in the War, Kanna was the only other relative they had at the time and thus became their caretaker. aang will do ok against katara when he only has airbending,but i think he lacks any real means to put her down with out her countering. Upon learning he was the reincarnated Avatar, Aang was surprised. [26] She was supportive of Kya when her daughter revealed her sexual orientation to her. [35] During the intermission of The Boy in the Iceberg play performed by the Ember Island Players, Katara confessed to Aang that she was not sure about seeking a romantic relationship with him at that time, saying that she was confused and that there was a war going on. He also demonstrated a consistent lack in ability to process his anger, often snapping and yelling at his comrades over his perception of their failures. [25], Katara trained her second child and only daughter, Kya, in waterbending, who became a great waterbender and master healer in her own right. She left him cowering and crying in the rain. It is interesting to note that Katara remains the only member of Team Avatar who has been able to face Azula on equal terms one-on-one when forced to battle and actually defeat her albeit in a weaker state, a fact the Princess angrily acknowledged when ranting against a hallucinated image of her mother. Katara cries out his name and this ultimately triggers the Avatar State. As seen in Legend of Korra, Katara is just as maternal and wise as she was in her youth. 0:33. Zuko succède à son père et met fin à la guerre. [45], Katara briefly encountered Mai along with Azula and Ty Lee when they were disguised as Kyoshi Warriors in Ba Sing Se. [46] Regardless, Katara offered to help Zuko by healing Iroh only to be violently rebuffed. Aang affronte alors Ozai, et entre en état d'Avatar pour le vaincre, puis lui retirer sa maîtrise du feu [42]. While they were one of the primary pairs of the show, Katara and Aang’s relationship was only focused on in a handful of episodes in the original show’s three-season run. "Wir Müssen es versuchen Aang." After these happenings, the responsibility of taking care of the village fell to Katara, her older brother Sokka, a… By Precia-T Watch. In fact, he had to intentionally abandon her to attain his highest form and gain control of the Avatar State, pretty much definitively proving that they are more powerful when separated. 10 Best Episodes Of The New Batman Adventures, Ranked (According To IMDB), Avatar: 20 Weird Things About Aang And Katara's Relationship (That Fans Ignore), Avatar: The Last Airbender - 5 Hilarious Quotes From The Series (& 5 That Are Chilling), 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Avatar: 10 Villains More Evil Than Admiral Zhao, Avatar: All The Main Villains From Least To Most Evil, Justice League: 10 Super Heroes Who Stopped Being Important, She-Ra: 10 Best Fights In The Netflix Series, Ranked, Eternals #1 Is a Bold Relaunch for Marvel's Cosmic Gods, Magi Creators' Orient Vol. The show’s focus on character development, crisp animation, east-Asian philosophies, and adult themes mixed with child-appropriate humor, clever writing, and a likable tone made it easy to fall in love with the series. [11] Sokka states that they're going to "save [her] boyfriend," which she attempts to deny before Sokka interrupts her. He was under the guardianship of Monk Gyatso. [3] After discovering who killed her mother, Katara tried to avenge her mother's death by killing the soldier who murdered her, but ultimately spared him due to an ethical conflict. [6], When Azula attacked the temple, Haru accompanied Katara's father while the rest escaped the temple on Appa. He started with superhero comics, but quickly discovered Neil Gaiman's Sandman series which lead him to research independent and art house comic titles. Ellos pretenderán pelear, seguir adelante e intentar no romperse en el camino. Meanwhile, Toph … Aang tells her that he does not want to come between her and her family and reassures her that he will return to the Air Nation. While to romance between Aang and Katara is often framed as being between two kindred souls who knew from childhood that they were meant to be together, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Katara and Aang tried not to laugh as the half-furious half-miserable Sokka was forced to eat grain to prove to the prince that he was not actually sick, so that he would hopefully put him down (and stop fretting, it was hard to stay mad at the prince when he was so obviously worried about him). His predecessor was Avatar Roku and his successor is Avatar Korra. During their journey to Hira'a, Katara found Azula unbearable, begrudging her for recklessly burning a section of the mysterious forest they were in. When Aang and Sokka were captured by the pirates and brought to her, Katara told Aang it was all her fault. Share the best GIFs now >>> [1], Katara and Long Feng first met when she and Toph were attempting to sneak into Bosco's party so they could talk to the Earth King. Apart from their strong personal relationship, their professional one remained one of mutual respect, with Pakku asking for Katara's assistance with his new students Siku and Sura in the waterbending school he was founding at the South Pole. Aang and Katara vs Swamp Monster (Crash Nitro Kart) (Out of Time) Native Matthew. Katara defied Hama, vowing never to utilize the technique. [27] Following Aang's passing, Kya returned to the Southern Water Tribe to tend to her grieving mother. It’s stated in Legend of Korra that Aang died when he was 66. Katara was also present during Korra's firebending test, noticing her bending prowess. So basically, Aang and katara have been... zuko; katara; alta +9 more # 3. Even though the age difference is the same (Aang is two years younger than Katara while Zuko is two years older) Zuko and Katara's maturity levels are … Along the way they became good friends, and enjoyed a day together at a spa during their time in Ba Sing Se. Given that Aang never met them, Tenzin’s kids were never directly influenced by their grandfather and they were all nearly ideal children. [31] After discovering the corpse of Monk Gyatso, Aang enters the Avatar State and Katara attempts to calm him down. She may have wound up with Aang, but she clearly had stronger initial feelings for Jet. After becoming wounded during battle, Katara healed her father and decided to assist him in following the troops to the Royal Palace while the other members continued their search for Ozai. She displayed deep affection for those she traveled with and was fiercely protective whenever danger threatened their safety. [33] Shortly after Aang awoke from his comatose state, he disappeared, and Katara broke down in horror and fear, feeling abandoned yet again, relating the feeling to when her father left. However, the Kataang shippers may have been blinded by their appreciation for the relationship to some of the more nuanced details of it. [50], From when she first first met him, Katara and Appa shared a strong relationship, with the waterbender expressing little doubt of Appa's flying skills, despite Sokka's claims. Katara is 14 and Aang is technically 112 but psychologically and biologically just 12. When Aang was freed from the iceberg he’d been trapped in for the past hundred years, his first instinct was to fall head over heels in love with Katara. He fell in love with her immediately and spent the majority of the series pursuing a relationship with her, an endeavor in which he was eventually successful. Later, when Zuko and Iroh were in Ba Sing Se and had opened the Jasmine Dragon, Katara visited the teashop with Momo, where she discovered her two enemies. Mai overpowered a sleep-deprived Katara and pinned her to a tree with a sai. Aang later thanked Katara for this act, and the two shared a warm hug.[23]. [10], Katara and Azula met again face-to-face a year after the War's end when Zuko summoned her and the group to the Royal Palace to enlist their aid in finding his mother Ursa. You could remove all the Kataang content from the show and it wouldn’t change anything. By the end of the spin-off series, Katara was 89, according to the official wiki. After witnessing Jet's gang flood an occupied Earth Kingdom village, she abandoned her feelings for Jet entirely and left him frozen. Katara refused to set off on a journey to rescue Aang without her brother's company and did not object her brother's argument that banishing Aang from their tribe was justifiably an act of protection. When Katara ran to find her mother, Kya, she was horrified to find that Yon Rha was holding her hostage in their house. And the amount of incredible things Aang accomplished without her are immeasurable. He was childish, playful, and generally a happy-go-lucky reflection of the show’s audience. [42], Katara often referred to Momo in the usual manner of a pet owner, calling him cute, or joking about him. Upon first meeting her, Katara was quite fond of Hama even comparing the elderly innkeeper to her own grandmother. For the vast majority of the series, their relationship was one of matriarch and dependent. The Cultural Village Foundation Katara and Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation – KAHRAMAA represented in its National Program... Read more. Katara snuggled closer to Aang and put her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, hands tangling in her hair. 0:36. After graduating from Bard College with a degree in written arts, he began his journey as a professional writer by joining the CBR team as a list writer, where he specializes in observations about meta-narrative, adaptations, and obscure comics. Katara learned various waterbending techniques from Hama, but soon discovered Hama's true nature when she tried to teach her bloodbending, a dark technique of waterbending that allows a waterbender to control the fluids in another organism. I find this extremely fascinating because Sokka is definitely protective of Katara, but only when other people threaten her or injure her in any way. At some point, they got married and had three children. 1 Early life 2 Personality 3 Book one 4 Book two 5 Book three 6 Later life 7 Death He discovered he's avatar with 12 years. Accessibility Help. However, after Jet revealed he was willing to hurt innocent people to defeat the Fire Nation, Katara became enraged and used her waterbending to freeze him to a tree. Und trainierte immer fleißig. Kanna often told her granddaughter stories about the war before the world, including about the Avatar, which give hope to Katara. aang avatar katara avatarthelastairbender monk kataraavatar aangthelastairbender I'm working on future patreon pack, which is "friends". Ciudad República es acosado por un nuevo y peligroso grupo de rebeldes, cuyas terribles amenazas recaen sobre el joven matrimonio. Katara was able to free Haru and his father, Tyro, from prison after she renewed their will to fight for freedom. Aang Y Katara. It took Katara a little while to come around to having feelings for him, but she had a few different non-starter relationships along the way. Katara is the love interest of Aang in the showAvatar: The Last Airbender. This led Zuko to try and reconcile with her by offering to help Katara avenge the death of her mother. At the end of the conflict at hand, Azula drew Zuko away from his and Iroh's good side and toward his and her evil side. Although they did not interact directly, it seems the previous enmity between the two girls has ended, with neither expressing any discomfort at the other's presence. Es vergingen 2 Wochen Aang hatte das training wieder aufgenommen. She was happy to see them too, smiling enthusiastically when they were talking to her. [45], Katara insisted that Toph contribute to the team's routine of setting up camp to which the earthbender refused. [16] According to Iroh, Pakku tended to proudly talk about her. Aang and Katara; She won't love me. When visiting the Southern Air Temple for the first time, Katara sympathized with Aang, noting that the Fire Nation could have killed the Airbenders, as they are ruthless and killed her mother. Katara was jealous of Aang constantly flirting with other girls closer to his own age, Aang bragged about being able to kiss her to everyone who would listen, and neither could think of a better pet name than “sweetie.” Overall, their romance just sort of went on automatic in the comics. Put bluntly, they were friends and their relationship worked well in that regard. Listening to her grandmother's stories regarding the Avatar, Katara believed that he would one day return to save the world, despite that some had lost hope. After Aang returned, he engaged the Avatar State and opened a fissure in the ground, which nearly caused Zuko to plummet below and die. The two fought a short duel; Katara momentarily gained the upper hand until Sokka and Aang arrived at the scene and became victims of Hama's technique. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [40], When Katara first met Jet, she was entranced with the young freedom fighter; her liking for Jet went as far as doubting and even criticizing her own brother when he said Jet could not be trusted. [44] Katara was initially excited to have another girl in the group; however, shortly after joining Team Avatar, the two began feuding, with Katara's motherly and teamwork morals and Toph's more cavalier attitude causing heated conflict. [33], Eager to defeat Azula, Katara accompanied Zuko on a journey to the Fire Nation Capital during the events of Sozin's Comet; Zuko, however, was wounded while protecting her from his sister's lightning strike during their Agni Kai. Aang and Katara's relationship continued for years later and Katara always joined Aang in helping him deal with world affairs. [11] In essence, these two siblings, despite their daily trials and tribulations, held each other in high respect. Azula could not be intimidated, and throughout the course of their journey to Hira'a, the princess repeatedly mocked Katara as a "snow peasant" and an "uneducated co-conspirator" of Ursa, believing the group to have been working with Ursa to destroy her. Though everyone accepted his help, she was reluctant to do so, leading Toph to tease her about Jet being her ex-boyfriend. The romance between Katara and Aang was a slow build on the show, developing infrequently from beginning to end. Aang had a tendency to misdirect, project, and avoid his issues over abandoning his culture and being lost in time. S'inscrire. Her inner strength kept Aang and their friends together through their most difficult experiences, even in the absence of parental figures. It was revealed that Kya sacrificed herself to save Katara's life when the Fire Nation came to the Southern Water Tribe, seeking to kill the last waterbender. After that, Katara assumed the duty of Aang’s waterbending tutor, which doesn’t really make sense considering that they should both be at the same approximate place in their training. The series is riddled with Aang’s hang-ups about his long-dead culture. The oldest, Bumi, was born a non-bender and even in what appear to be his mid-50s, and after an illustrious military career, was still dealing with the inadequacy issues imparted by his father who always wanted an airbending child. I.E. It will include poses and bases of interactions between group of friends. The perfect Aang Katara Kataang Animated GIF for your conversation. Later, Katara snapped at Sokka again, clearly disgusted with his constant references to 'oogies' whenever she and Aang shared a close, romantic moment. This might not be his fault as his isolated, holistic upbringing instilled in him a strong sense of detachment, which might have prompted some of his more selfish actions, but even the most mature 12-year-old should not be making out with someone two years older. [43] Toph also voiced that Katara was "fun", or at the least, fun to argue with. He and Appa were caught in a ferocious storm that sent them below the waves. [10], Kanna was Katara and Sokka's grandmother, whom they had a habit of calling her "Gran Gran". Katara and Aang tried not to laugh as the half-furious half-miserable Sokka was forced to eat grain to prove to the prince that he was not actually sick, so that he would hopefully put him down (and stop fretting, it was hard to stay mad at the prince when he was so obviously worried about him). She, Aang and Sokka travel across the four nations to help people in need and help Aang master the 4 elements. When Katara berated Toph for scamming local residents for monetary gain, the latter retorted, accusing her of being overbearing and acting motherly. 3 WHY KATARA: AANG OWES HER A LOT. Sunday, February 16, 2020. Unlike past kisses, which were mostly kisses on the cheek, Katara threw her arms around Aang's neck and initiated a more passionate kiss than they had ever shared before. As Katara and Sokka approach Zuko's ship on Appa to save Aang, he is knocked into the water by Zuko. On their way to the village where they were taking the smuggled cargo, Katara saw that they were transporting medicine and lost more respect for the pirates, thinking they were going to make sick people pay for it. When Zuko was eventually accepted, Katara confronted him, coldly voicing her distrust of Zuko and his sudden willingness to help Aang, even going so far as to threaten Zuko's life. Although the Order of the White Lotus uttered doubts about letting Korra start her airbending training with Tenzin, Katara supported Korra. 6 KATAANG: Katara es la calma de la tormenta de Aang. aang avatar katara avatarthelastairbender monk kataraavatar aangthelastairbender. [33], Consequently, Katara was the most vocal of the group in not allowing Zuko to join them. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. "[37], This ambiguity was finally eliminated after the war, when, outside of the Jasmine Dragon, the two shared a warm embrace and a kiss. Even though there had been numerous hints that she was interested in Aang romantically,[34] Katara's feelings for the Avatar had been mostly ambiguous, even to herself. Aang states "I did get to meet you" as his response, which she responds to with a warm smile. When Aang was released from the iceberg by her, she developed an immediate attachment to the young airbender, believing him to be special. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Cargo 3 Canon 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List 7 Navigation Aang was an Air Nomad and Avatar during the Hundred Year War. [53] Katara also tried being humorous by placing Momo on her head,[20] and at one point, he managed to untie her from a tree to which Zuko had tied her, an action that prompted Katara to promise him a "bushel of apples".[46]. Katara in 'The Legend of Korra.' [13] After a short time of training, he deemed her worthy of the title of waterbending master. He is already an Airbending master and has made impressive progress with the other elements, except for Firebending, for which he has yet to find a master. Like Aang, Katara also appeared in Tokyopop's films comic (sometimes referred to as cine-manga). Muriel Robin. [10] By doing so, Katara showed that her romantic feelings were entirely mutual, and the two began a long-term romantic relationship. When they left the town's docks aboard the Flying Wolfbat, they were cut off by a Fire Army patrol boat that destroyed their vessel. [20], Their friendship clearly continued after the Hundred Year War, as Katara was happy to see Toph when she arrived from her metalbending academy to join the team on the journey to Yu Dao, though Katara was later upset with her after licking her hand to demonstrate "oogies".[23]. To this day, his favorite comic lines are Saga (yes, he is hype for its return), X-Men (Gold and Blue, Red looks promising as well), and, of course, Sandman. [51] Momo was Katara's only companion when she was summoned by the Council of Five to plan for the upcoming battle. Katara tells Aang that she understands how painful the loss of a loved one can be and refers to her deceased mother Kya as she offers her support. However, she sometimes seemed to view Momo as more than a pet. Without the light, however, the pathway of glowing crystals becomes clear and the two are able to escape. Later, Zuko specifically asked Katara to help him overthrow Azula as she would be a great threat — an offer she gladly accepted. She is described as "Smart, capable; almost a generic anime heroine". Katara's actions inspired Haru and his people to free their village of the invaders which they were successful in doing. Despite only looking like a pre-teen, Aang is actually over 100 years old. Due to the Northern Water Tribe patriarchal structure, he refused to teach Katara fighting techniques used in waterbending. This might have been an issue in the writing staff as central breeding pairs are a trope in most shows, animated or otherwise. As the crisis in Yu Dao reached a boiling point, with Earth King Kuei threatening all out war against the Fire Nation,[38] the couple traveled to the colony in an attempt to evacuate its residents from the incoming dual invasion. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. There’s clear evidence that Aang and Katara weren’t the best parents, as evidenced by the emotional and psychological hang-ups of their kids, but the most telling proof that they weren’t fit to raise kids is how their grandkids turned out. However, she clearly loves him and his family. Knowing that Jet was fatally wounded by Long Feng, Katara was deeply remorseful when the group had to leave Lake Laogai. She consoles him, saying that there must be a "bright side" to his situation. 3:30 . One of the biggest decisions a long-term couple can make together is if they want to have children.
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