But to me it's all Debian base. And which one is the most noob friendly. Hey Guys, I am curious if you have experienced both distros? There even a Debian version. I’d love to hear any thoughts/experiences on Manjaro vs OpenSUSE (Tumbleweed). In the question“What are the best Linux distributions for desktops? Desktop-Unterschiede von Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Manjaro und Debian. As having their own or from a third-party are these. I couldn't really tell you about the performance difference as KDE is known to be slightly heavier than most variants but arguably worth it, however, I would personally would like to know how it stands up with the Xfce version of those distro - r/linuxmint and r/ManjaroLinux. Can anyone help me make my mind up? I prefer Cinnamon DE. 6 COMMENTS. As for bigger repository, what do you mean? Das Update verspricht umfangreiche Anpassungen an … Developers describe Linux Mint as "The most popular desktop Linux distribution and the 3rd most widely used home operating system behind Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS". I use Ubuntu and Mint, and I always recommend it to newcomers. Performance depends on what DE you choose. Just one piece of advice try to ascertain how to restore safely from a system crash. Manjaro comes with a KDE install option (if i remember correctly), and being based on Arch, is rolling release, and thus constantly updated and always cutting edge. 0. Manjaro vs Antergos. After 11 years of Debian-derived distros, I am switching permanently to Manjaro, and it’ll mean saying goodbye to my beloved Ubuntu MATE. Telegram. Both Manjaro and Ubuntu come with the essential desktop apps you'd expect to find, such as a word processor, internet browser, email client, etc. Keine Ahnung was sonstige Gründe dafür sind, dass an Manjaro momentan so eine Interesse auf Distrowatch besteht.... [ | Versenden | Drucken] Re: Linux Mint vs. Manjaro. For more than a decade, Ubuntu was my Linux distribution of choice. Why people have VS? No need to apologize! - about the same (high) level of community support. Manjaro is rolling release distro which means it gets updated everyday whereas Linux Mint is released every time new Ubuntu LTS comes. But Manjaro has less pre-installed software than Ubuntu. When comparing Manjaro Linux vs Peppermint Linux OS, ... Extix 17.04, Lubuntu 16.10, Xubuntu 16.04, Backbox 4.7, Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce an Mate or Linux Lite 3.4 (and others). This week in DistroWars, we will look at two Cinnamon desktops: Manjaro vs Linux Mint. But, for the first time in a long while, I distro-hopped. Manjaro is rolling release distro which means it gets updated everyday whereas Linux Mint is released every time new Ubuntu LTS comes. Thank you for the detailed response, and I'm also grateful for the other responses. I found that Pop OS and Manjaro were the distros to beat when looking strictly at overall setup simplicity and ease-of-use. currently on LM xfce for the past few years, and will not give r/ManjaroLinux xfce a try. ". Manjaro does offer a minimal installation though, so you can build up your system instead of deleting all the stuff you don't need (or know if you need). Today we return to Distro Wars with MX Linux vs Manjaro. Manjaro is one of the few Linux distributions that are not based on Ubuntu.Instead, it is built on the continually cutting edge Arch Linux.Arch is a great distro, but unfortunately, if you want to install it you have to do a lot of work. But, you only notice this if your hardware is old. BigApple. Windows 10 vs. Linux Manjaro - Intel System: Specs: Intel i7 4500 U. save. I cannot recommend KDE Plasma enough (but XFCE might be a bit lighter). So you usually need a middle sweet spot here to really enjoy Linux. ArchWiki is the best. Mint is awesome. Any distro, any platform! Mint is awesome. People who use Mint will say Mint. 76% Upvoted. Robert Schanze, 20. Also, if you're a typical desktop user, I would definitely install the Linux Zen kernel, as it is optimised for desktop usage. The main reason that's what I'm using MX. I messed up so many times, but I got the hang of it. If you're dead set on using KDE, Manjaro should qualify as Mint has deprecated its development of KDE and of your choices Manjaro continues to support it. Thank you. I hope that answers your question about cutting-edge and up-to-date. Manjaro has a neat, unobtrusive way of keeping you as current as you want to be. Do you care to share? Manjaro is simply a better chassis, and I should know. All you have to do is ensure the system is up to date using the Pacman package manager, and you will always have the latest Manjaro version running on your PC. Based On Arch Linux. So far, Ubuntu still one of the most popular I’ve tried Manjaro’s live iso w/different DEs and it’s just so beautiful and everything seems to work (on both of the systems that I’ve tried it on). Manjaroもバージョン18になって、5回目のレビジョンアップになり。。Xfce editionがやはり最も評価が高い・・と以前の投稿記事で書いたものの・・5回目のレビジョンアップにもかかわらずどうしても収拾してくれない問題が2点あり。 In the question "What are the best operating systems for web designers?" Facebook. Manjaro vs Ubuntu: Overview Many people may have heard of Ubuntu. Manjaro Linux is ranked 9th while Zorin OS is ranked 61st. Lastly, both Linux Mint and Manjaro comes with GUI tools support. Period. Close. Manjaro is better than Linux Mint in terms of support for Older Hardware. Manjaro is generally following Arch, which is a rolling release distro. It's exciting to compare two great Linux distros Manjaro and Arch Linux, because Manjaro is based on Arch Linux. One, for its beauty, and two, for its success at simplifying many of the overly-technical aspects in Arch Linux e.g. I now run Manjaro and couldn’t be happier. Gnome is the heaviest, and if you're looking for something more lightweight, I'd try XFCE. Linux Mint vs elementary OS: What are the differences? For Linux Mint, you need to wait a month as it waits for Ubuntu’s LTS releases. Autor Thema: Mint versus Manjaro (Gelesen 12228 mal) 0 Mitglieder und 1 Gast betrachten dieses Thema. 6 1 16. comments. Specs . Una pequeña prueba de sistemas operativos, donde se busca ver la diferencia de rendimiento entre algunas distribuciones. Anyone here made the switch to/from Manjaro from/to Mint? Hence, this round is a tie between Linux Mint and Manjaro!! Linux introductions, tips and tutorials. You choose one and go on with your life. I know that Manjaro is based on Arch Linux and Linux Mint is based off of Ubuntu, and I know both are good for beginners. O Manjaro é menos “intuitivo”, o Linux Mint e mais fácil de se usar e tals. Mint will have more packages in the default repo, but you shouldn't have trouble finding help installing whatever you need on either distro as long as you don't mind reading a little. Hope I helped, sorry for a lengthy answer! Manjaro vs Ubuntu: Customization. I'm a noob who bought a laptop with elementaryOS but I don't like the system and I don't want to go back to Windows, I researched more about Linux and found two OS that I liked: Fedora and Mint. People use MX will say MX. #RoboNuggie #FreeBSD #GhostBSD #Linux A comparison of the Ram usage on boot up of these OSes.....who will win? Em minha opinião, as duas opções são muito boas! Is the knowledge you have between the two distro's. laptopta pil ömrü ve masaüstü bilgisayardaki işlemci sıckalığına bakılırsa, manjaro sistemi çok daha az yoruyor. sanki mint'e mate daha uygun bir There is no … Mint is Ubuntu-based, so it has a decent amount too, but you often have to enable PPAs or get .deb packages from web. Explicitly noob-friendly. Manjaro XFCE vs. Linux Mint X Post by Hoser Rob » Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:09 pm I haven't used manjaro but from what I've looked into I'd definitely agree that it'd be good for learning but not necessarily ideal for newbies. Manjaro vs. Arch Linux: Differences You Should Know . share. Manjaro since it's a rolling release and Mint isn't. ” Manjaro Linux is ranked 9th while Fedora is ranked 12th. People who use Manjaro will say Manjaro. ReddIt. When comparing Fedora vs Manjaro Linux, the Slant community recommends Fedora for most people. I think it sort of depends on what you regard as essential and the things you need. share. In this video we take a non-scientific but fun approach to comparing FPS between Linux Mint, Windows, and Manjaro. Debian vs Manjaro. But, most instructions on a Arch WiKi will work word by word on any Linux distro. Also I can't decide between Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce. Email. best. Questions are encouraged. Great Community and base on Ubuntu. 4 comments. It is stable enough, though. The performance difference will be negligible if you only look at the OS. I've had Arch break on me once after a full update (yes, Xorg broke, just as in memes), but Manjaro, which I used before, never broke for 1.5y.
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